Having accessories is sure nice. But sometimes, not everybody love to have accessories without getting actual use from having it. If you’re the kind of person who love to make sure your accessories can do something for you, you would love to have these wooden accessories/furniture in your bedroom. Not only they will light up your room but they would also make sure you can use them.

Wooden Bench
Adding wooden bench in the bedroom can look really random. However, if you love to go outside, you would know that from outside, you would put your bag, hat, books, or even laptop on your bed. And it can make too much mess you have to tidy up before you can finally rest. With wooden bench, you have your own space to do that, in orderly fashion and not making a mess on your bed.

Wooden Box
Another thing that can prettify your bedroom while giving you another function is boxes. Wooden boxes are the best to store big things like your summer hat, winter jacket, and so on. And having it closed, you would also have added seating.

Wooden Bedside Shelves
The next thing that would give you so much is bedside table/shelves/cabinet, like this one. It can give you three things at once, even the small thing like this. You can of course choose a bigger one and put lamps on it. The wooden material brings warmth in its texture and pattern.

Wooden Frame
This one here is for you who have high activities where you can just go home from work and you need to find something for a dinner. You can stash your go-to-all clothes here and pick the easiest and prettiest without any difficulties.

Make Up Table
This make up table is really pretty with wooden materials and the details on the drawers and the seating and backs of the chair. This pretty little thing does not only give a pretty sight but also a function every woman needs.

Wooden Hands
In this brilliant make up station, the wooden chair look really interesting to accompany the floating cabinet with fresh patterns. And this interesting look is completed by a round mirror on the wall.

Wooden Rack
This one is a wooden rack that has been really popular for its simplicity and natural look. If you think it won’t hold all you need, you can add another rack on the side with the same look.

Floating Boards
This one here has a seriously pretty study corner with wooden floating shelves and table on the wall. This setting shows a light and modern look where you can play colors without making it too much.

Wooden Racks
Similar to the one on the make up, this one here also uses the same idea but with broader boards to make make sure that books and laptop can be held here. This is a really fun and modern way of creating a unique study corner.

Plants on the Hanging Pots
This one is for you who love greens. Adding plants in the room can make the room feel fresher and lively. Hanging the pots on the wooden rack like this can make it a good wall partition too.