Comment on DIY: Key decoration by admin

In reply to DS. Yes, you can do that. ©

Comment on DIY: Key decoration by DS

How do you form the bowl or even glass bottle? Do you just glue the keys around the glass bottle and break it once its complete? ©

Comment on 5 Important Areas to Insulate in Your Home by Happy Hiller

Thanks for the helpful advice!! I just want to add that if you get your hot water from a hot water storage tank, you also need to insulate it. Insulation with an R-value of at least 24 is preferable. This could reduce heat loss by up to 45% and save you around 10% in water […]

Comment on Exterior Cleaning 101: 5 Reasons Why It’s Important by Roof Cleaners

Very helpful advice within this post! Your roof needs to be clean, sturdy, and clear of buildup to remain durable for as many years as possible. ©

Comment on The Top 10 Benefits of Hardwood Flooring (and How to Style It) by Luke Smith

I like that you mentioned how one of the benefits of wood flooring is that they add value to your home. Our current flooring looks dull and uneven due to old age so we are thinking of finally replacing it with new hardwood flooring. So for that, we should probably ask for some help from […]

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