Plaids have been one of the most classic pattern. It has been enjoyed by so many people around the world since long time ago. And if you love adding something classic to your room, you can add plaids. For its geometrical lines, plaids pattern will work perfectly well with modern look too, although it is more of farmhouse’s favorite. Here below are ten stunning use of plaid pattern in the living room that you can get some inspirations from.

Plaid Wall
One of the use of plaid that you can do stunningly is on the wall. This one here uses plaid as accent wall and it strengthen the classic look, here in the living room. The patterned chairs and coffee table positioned in front of the fireplace is such a classic setting. And it is all completed with the patterned rug.

Dark Plaid Wall
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses plaid on the wall. However, here, the plain pattern is used to put more masculine vibe that works well with the black wall and leather sofa.

Black and White Rug
This one here pulls off the plaid look by adding plaid as the rug. For the contemporary living room in this one, the plaid rug helps to give details and pattern.

Pastel Plaid
For those who love soft colors but want to add something classic on the floor will love this pastel plaid floor. It looks soft, smooth, and modern at the same time. Accompany with pink wall, the soft hue looks even stronger. Balancing the soft vibe is black sofa with colorful button tufted on the back.

White Plaid
If you want to go with something more neutral, a white based plaid like this one can go in the room without being too pronounced. Coming with an ottoman makes this set an endearing set to have.

Red White Chair
This one here adds plaids in the form of red and white plaid patterned chair. Matched with the red patterned rug and pillows, the red white chair support the room to look bold and strong and traditionally warm.

Red White Sofa
Similar to the previous one, this one makes the room look strong while also putting out the traditional and warm look from the ruffle and pattern design.

Plaid Stool
In this small and modern living room, the blue white stool looks energizing. Matched with the neutrality of the room and the blue sconce and rug, the plaid stools make the room looks alive.

Plaid Ottoman
Besides stool, ottoman can also makes a great plaid addition. Seen in this one here is blue green plaid pattern that looks so classic and deep in the tufted ottoman.

Black White Curtain
Another thing that can be done in adding classic plaid is by adding plaid curtain. Seen in this one, the plaid pattern is not only on the curtain but also on the pillows that it makes a matched look.