Follow this DIY pom pom tree skirt tutorial to upcycle a Christmas tree skirt from traditional to modern.

DIY pom pom tree skirt tutorial

I bought these materials 3 years ago and finally brought my vision to life! It’s easy to find high-quality tree skirts in traditional designs or cheap modern ones, but not high quality modern ones! I thought about making one from scratch but had a bunch of leftover felt poms and decided to refashion one instead. It’s a very simple craft but I thought I’d share the steps; you can keep your eyes out next time you’re at the thrift store for makeover material!

handmade christmas tree skirt

Here it is under our handmade, kid decorated tree! I am not a good home decorating blogger, I should’ve at least organized the books in the back, but this is real life here.

handmade wool garland

I had all the poms leftover from this DIY garland I made last year, I love that it coordinates even if I can’t get a clear shot including both of them in the same frame!

crafty christmas mantle

My Christmas cross stitch in the middle (pattern shop seems to have closed, sorry) that makes me laugh and the banner my kids helped me make as toddlers (tutorial here) make for a crafty holiday mantle.

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colorful tree skirt craft

We will see how this holds up with my cats, so far they haven’t tried walking on it though they normally love wool blankets and pillows.
christmas tree skirt makeover

It is a little tedious to hand sew all the poms on but I love the finished look and it’s so easy anyone could do it!

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how to make a diy pom pom tree skirt

DIY pom pom tree skirt tutorial



seam ripping thread from tree skirt

Step 1- I seam ripped the color accent out! I’ve thought about trying to add a tassel trim or paint the cream a color but so far I’m leaving it plain.

Step 2- Then I followed the quilting marks to stitch the balls on! I knotted the thread, pulled up from the bottom, took two stitches through the bottom of the ball, and then went back through bottom and knotted again.

It would be fun to add a sequin/seed bead on top of the poms or mix in some small charms too!

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