For years, I have been such a fan of stylist Josefin Haag and her work. She used to work for Lotta Agaton, whose work is known to many of you, but over time, she developed her own signature style that comes back in her own home as well. Interiors that belong to designers or stylists are always the most inspiring ones to me as they tend to have elements you don’t see anywhere else. The home of Josefin Haag, even though decorated in a very subtle way really has character and elements of surprise.

The color palette of the small apartment has been kept very neutral and the living room and bedroom are integrated into one and the same space. Opposed to the sofa, you have a large wall shelf, which functions as a bookshelf, but also holds the TV and many different accessories. The bedroom is placed inside the niche in the living room, which can be closed by a curtain. It’s quite a small space to sleep in, but I love the way this has been solved in an elegant way. The wall shelving going over the whole width of the area grounds everything and it’s a great spot to keep small accessories and decor.

The kitchen is a beautiful combination of both new and old and I love the small marble table with the vintage white chairs. I live in a small apartment myself as well (though it’s a little bigger than this one) and it always inspires me so much to see how people make small living spaces work.

via Fantastic Frank

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