easy DIY candle holders

easy DIY candle holders
There’s just something about that soft, flickering glow of candles that makes any space feel cosier. I light candles all the time and they’re also my absolute must have table accessory on the dining table — without or without friends.

While I use scented candles, I also love taper candles that of course need candle holders. I wanted some new candle stands and decided to make my own. These easy DIY candle holders are super quick to make and they only need a few materials.

what to use to make candle holders

easy DIY candle holders with a minimalist look

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mini terracotta pots (3.6 x 3.5 cm)  (US readers find similar here)
half drilled wooden beads / balls
strong glue   (US readers here)
coarse sandpaper
black acrylic paint

Sand the bottom of the wooden bead until the base is flat and sits comfortably on the base of the terracotta pot. For the fastest way to sand, see the video below – it takes no more than a couple of minutes.
Glue the wooden bead on to the base of the terracotta pot. Allow to dry for 24 hours.
Give it two coats of paint and you’re done.

* wooden balls / beads  – I used large wooden beads with a 9-10 mm hole as I have very slim taper candles. If you’re using thicker candles you’ll need bigger beads with bigger holes or you can drill the hole yourself.

I will add that these DIY candle stands work best with these slim candles as you don’t have to get in to drilling holes in the beads which is very fiddly!

DIY candle holders for long candles easy candle stands to make black candle holders DIY

As I mentioned, these candle holders pair best with very slim candles but if you’ve got chunkier candles, you can check out these DIY modern candle holders. They’re similar to these but have a much bigger hole for the candles so they’re ideal for thicker candles. Of course you could make both as you can never have too many candle stands.

Here’s a short video showing how to make these easy DIY Candle holders:

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