Decorative gravel in landscape design: 62 great ideas for inspiration

Decorative gravel is a popular choice in landscape design as it offers a variety of benefits. It can be used to create paths, driveways, and other hardscaping features, and can also be used as a ground cover to reduce the amount of grass and other plants that need to be maintained. Gravel also helps with drainage, preventing water from pooling in low-lying areas and reducing the risk of flooding. Additionally, decorative gravel can be used to create visual interest and texture in a landscape, and comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes to suit different design styles.

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To decorate a garden with decorative gravel, you can follow these steps:

Choose the area of the garden where you want to add the decorative gravel.

Clear the area of any existing plants, grass, or debris.

Create a defined edge around the area using bricks, stones, or edging materials.

Spread a layer of landscape fabric over the soil to prevent weeds from growing through the gravel.

Spread the decorative gravel over the area, using a rake to level it out.

Add any additional landscaping elements such as plants, statues, or fountains to complement the decorative gravel.

Optional: Add solar lights to provide a warm ambiance at night.

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