28 Wonderful ideas to arrange an open entrance to the living room

Arriving in a house, an entrance open to the living room invites you to go further. It reflects the general atmosphere and needs to be fitted out with care to be practical on a daily basis. When the entrance is visible from the living room, without a partition, it needs to be tidy so as not to create a happy mess. Hooks to hang up bags and coats, a small shelf to put the mail or the keys, a bench to sit on while lacing your shoes… The trails to follow adapt to all needs. Discover our ideas for arranging a decorative and practical entrance to open it with pleasure to the living room.

Striped halls: Dare to paint or decorate your entrance with stripes

With increasingly open interior spaces, the entrance is fluid, open-plan and it is arranged to pass to the living room without transition. In order to reinforce a certain coherence between the two zones, it is interesting to bring a spirit of living room to the entrance. A few books placed on a bench give off a beautiful atmosphere as soon as you step out of the door. A mirror also multiplies the light in the living room. Posters personalize the entrance, an asset to make you want to continue the visit. In any case, when the entrance opens onto the living room, it needs to be tidy and welcoming.

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