Simple and minimalist look has been really popular. Those who are bored with the neon or strong and bold look might want to have minimalist look instead. It’s probably because it allows them to have something really different and make everything looks more grounded. And those who already love simpler and minimalist will find it really beautiful. Here below are ten stunning minimalist touches you can do in the house.

Minimalist Comfort
Although you want to create a minimalist room, you might not want to escape the comfort with just putting bench in your, say living room. This one here shows a simple and comfortable chair that will look perfect in your corner. It is am exquisite chair to get your reading time with.

Minimalist Kitchen
In this kitchen, the minimalist touch is seen strongly with grey floor tiles, seamless beige wall, grey kitchen cabinet and neutral cupboard. All the colors are similar to each other. With rustic accent in the dining set, this kitchen gives some interesting natural twist.

Open Minimalist
This minimalist living room looks vast with spacious space and neutral color on the surface. The white floor, grey wall, and the neutral furniture compliment each other perfectly well. The wooden beams on the ceiling create an interesting accent to the room.

Minimalist Bedroom
A minimalist touch can be done in any room, including a bedroom. In this bedroom, the lay out is in smooth and clean finish with neutral color that it looks simple without making a bold touch. The exotic look in this bedroom is presented by the stage near the window and the Moroccan pendants on the ceiling.

Minimalist Dining Room
This spacious dining room offers a really simple and minimalist look in creating social space in the house. With earthy colored on the wall, dining set, and pendant, the dining room looks amazingly pretty.

Curvy Arch
This one looks so beautiful with the pretty ceiling that allows so much lights to come through and the curvy arch that makes the room looks so elegant. The adorable chairs on the island gives a matching and interesting touch to the elegant kitchen.

Bright Minimalism
This minimalist and earthy living room shows an endearing touch in many places. The seating arrangement looks so comfortable positioned in front of the sliding door that allows you to have the perfect spot to have conversation or just laze around. The earthy look on the wall and decoration support this comfortable look. And the lights from the ceiling is just perfect.

Dark Simple
This open room is obviously pretty. The open space, the neutral look, and the natural touches bring out the best from it. The dark blue touches on the seating and curtain and the dark brown posts, beams, and cupboard create deeper dimension for the room.

Earthy Living Room
This earthy living room looks so minimalist with some interesting touch. The first is the line pendants above the sofa that is simple and sweet in a way. And then the unique mirror on the back that is rich with details yet still able to pull the minimalist look.

Minimalist Modern
This living room shows a modern and pretty look with neutral color combined with pretty purple and blue. This setting makes the room looks amazingly pretty.