Wall candle sconces can have such a cozy and relaxing effect on your interior, especially during winter. And while the first thought that pops into your mind might be your grandmother’s candle sconce, there are such beautiful modern designs that fit perfectly in a contemporary interior. You have great options with clean lines, geometric shapes, and organic forms and you can pick out of a range of gold candle sconces, a brass finish, matt black, or even a mirrored candle wall sconce that reflects the candle.

Modern candle wall sconces to match different interiors

Whether you are looking for a candle sconce to fit into your contemporary interior design, a minimal black and white home, or an eclectic interior with a bold color palette, these candle sconce options in black metal, gold, brass, mirror, or steel fit right in and have a tendency to make your interior more cozy and inviting. Open spaces can benefit especially from an eye-catcher like a candle sconce on the wall, as your eye will go directly to it when you enter the room.

Pick out your favorite candles and you are set for a cozy evening. If you are worried about candle wax dripping down, there are some nice battery-powered options out there that look just like real flickering candles.

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Sconce pendel

The Sconce Pendel designed by Pierre Forssel for Skultuna is my personal favorite candle wall sconce in gold. I can imagine a set of them hanging in a contemporary living room flooded with natural light. This candle sconce looks so balanced and the pendulum contributes to the design language (hence the name).

Pierre Forssel designed for Skultuna between 1955-86 and has become an icon. The vintage Sconce pendel pieces are much sought after in second-hand platforms (keep an eye out for his designs at 1stdips* if you prefer a vintage piece over a new one). I think this is the best taper candle wall sconce as the classic design of the pendulum elongates the taper candle.


The Flambeau candle holder designed by Kroyer-Saetter-Lassen for Menu is inspired by French modernist lighting fixtures the design resembles a flickering flame. It’s a brass candle sconce with a sculptural design and a playful presence where the backplate magnifies and reflects candlelight to create a cozy ambiance in the dining room, living room, or any modern interior design. I think the effect of the enlarged reflection of the candle on the brass plate is striking.

Copenhagen-based design studio Kroyer-Saetter-Lassen also designed the famous Torso lamp for Menu, a modern lamp with a timeless look that became a staple favorite in my home and is now available as a USB-powered version as well.


The Votive candleholder designed by Oslo-based Anderssen & Voll for &Tradition has an organic shape dish behind the candle, which reflects the candle in a blurred way and casts a glowing light into the room. Each candleholder is made from cast brass with a brushed finish to give it a soft and delicate look and it’s the only candle sconce on the list that has been fitted for a tea light, rather than a taper candle, which makes it quite unique.


Glim is a wall-hung candle mirror candle sconce designed by Böttcher & Kayser for Gejst*. The mirror reflects the candlelight and the design is inspired by old lanterns. The Glim candle sconce comes in different shapes and sizes and can be grouped together for an impressive effect in a modern living room or contemporary style home.

Wall of flame

Wall of flame designed by Dutch designer Frederik Roije* is a black candle wall sconce with a single arm made of metal tubes, bent into position. The candle holder tricks the eye making it come out of the wall.

Frederik Roije is known for his creative and innovative approach to design, and along with the Storylines bookshelf, the Wall of flame candle sconce is one of his most famous design pieces.


Straight lines characterize the Ornament candle holders by Frama* . The design has a simple yet strong geometric character, which provides warmth and curiosity wherever placed. This candle sconce, available in a round or rectangular shape is crafted from delicate steel and gently reflects the light from the candle.


Lampett by Swedish brand Våges is a rustic candle wall sconce crafted by hand out of black metal. The clean lines and minimal design fit perfectly in a home designed with a neutral color palette and the design shines in its simplicity.

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