For some people, the bathroom is not just a place to shower or clean yourself. With the right arrangement, the bathroom can also be turned into a calming area for relaxing or simply unwinding after activities. Even though it is not an essential item that must be in the bathroom, a bathtub is an item that you should consider if you want to increase comfort and luxury in the bathroom.

There are various bathtub designs that may suit your bathroom, which not only prioritize functionality, but can also add visual appeal. In this post, we have summarized the seven best bathtubs that could be your next recommendation. Please scroll down and get inspired!

1. Freestanding Bathtub


This bathtub design is probably the one we see most often because it has an elegant shape and a minimalist impression. As the name suggests, a freestanding bathtub is a model of bathtub that stands alone or is not attached to a wall. Freestanding bathtubs make it easy for you to place them in any area you want in the bathroom area.

2. Alcove Bathtub


Different from the previous design, the alcove bathtub is designed to be attached to three parts of the wall. This bathtub design is indeed the most common and popular. The average size is 158 cm in length, but there are also larger ones around 182 cm, making it a great solution for saving space and very suitable for small bathrooms.

3. Corner Bathtub


For those of you who have a small or limited size bathroom, you can consider a corner bathtub. As the name suggests, corner bathtubs are designed to be in the corner of the bathroom, so they save more space and help maximize the available space. Because it is located in the corner of the room, this bathtub usually has a triangular shape with two sides attached to the wall and a curved front.

4. Clawfoot Bathtub


At first glance, the design of a clawfoot bathtub is almost similar to a freestanding bathtub. However, there is a unique difference in the legs which are made of metal or brass. Its function is to support the bathtub and give a classic, elegant and luxurious impression.

5. Walk-In Bathtub


The interesting thing about walk-in bathtubs is that they are equipped with safety features. Walk-in bathtubs are considered safer than other bathtub designs. Equipped with a door on one side which allows you to get in and out more comfortably without having to step high over the edge of the bathtub. For some models, this bathtub also has a built-in seat in it, providing a more comfortable bathing sensation.

6. Whirlpool Bathtub


Whirlpool bathtubs, or often called jetted tubs, are bathtub models for bathrooms that feature built-in water jets that can provide a relaxing massage. This bathtub can promote a relaxing bathing experience and help reduce tension in certain areas of the body. Whirlpool bathtubs are available in different sizes and shapes such as square, oval and rectangular. It is also available in drop-in, freestanding, walk-in, alcove, or corner bathtub models.

7. Soaking Bathtub


Soaking bathtubs are especially suitable for bathrooms that are designed to be deeper and are often slightly larger than typical bathtub models, allowing you to completely submerge yourself in the water. These bathtubs often feature simple and minimalist designs, but still prioritize relaxation and comfort.

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