Scandinavian decor ideas

Scandinavian decor ideasThis small Scandinavian home in Sweden shows us that space doesn’t have to be a barrier to creating a home thats both stylish and functional.  Generally speaking, Scandinavian homes tend to be on the smaller side but despite this, you’re unlikely to find cluttered, busy spaces.  Instead you’ll find calm and cohesive homes that are both practical and beautiful.

This Swedish home is a great example.  It measures less than 600 sq ft (55 sqm) but yet it manages to feel bright, spacious, and practical.   All the spaces come together beautifully and it looks so cosy and calm.  If you’re wondering how to decorate in Scandi style, this small home is filled with Scandinavian decor ideas that you can make your own.

how to decorate like a Scandinavian

6 Scandinavian decor ideas to takeaway from this small Swedish apartment

1. contrasting walls in light colours

Light colours can often help a small space feel bigger and brighter.  While white walls are often the most popular choice, consider adding a pale neutral colour to create a contrast like the beige walls in this Scandi home.  Not only does it highlight the architectural features but it also accentuates the ceiling height.  All the white really pops against this pale beige.

2. stick to neutrals

There’s a reason so many of us are drawn to Scandinavian style home decor and one of these reasons is that their homes never look busy or chaotic.  Instead Scandi homes always look calm and soothing.  The secret to this look is sticking to neutral colours throughout the home.  In this home you have the beige as the main wall colour which is contrasted with the white.  You also have accessories like cushions, rugs and more which are all in neutral tones.  But there are many other neutral colours out there so pick whichever shade you’re most drawn to.

3. let there be light

Maximising natural light is key to making a small space feel bigger.  You’ll often see Scandi living rooms with no window dressings at all or with the sheerest coverings like in this home.  Throughout this apartment you have very sheer window coverings which will provide some privacy when closed but it still  allows all the light in too.

small kitchen with breakfast table
decorating in Scandi style
beige Swedish bedroom decor

4. embrace the limitations of your space

No matter how large your home, there will be limitations and this is even more true for small spaces.  So instead of fighting them, embrace them.  As the living area in this home isn’t large, trying to include a dining table would have been a mistake. Instead a small table is placed in the kitchen which is both practical and works for the space.

5. add plants to every room

Plants do so much for every room in a home and there is no shortage of plants in this Swedish home.  When opting for a neutral colour scheme, they add a pop of calming colour.  They also add warmth to a space and interest.  And of course, as we all know, plants help your mood, improve air quality and can even reduce stress.

6. invest in a bench

Benches are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture and are especially useful in small homes.  They don’t take up much space and don’t look bulky or heavy in any way.  Yet they can be used as extra seating, as a table or for storage.  As you’ve probably spotted, there are two benches in this home – one in the living room for extra seating and one in the hallway that is being used for storage and as a table.

Scandinavian living room ideas
Scandi living room decor
cozy beige living room
Scandinavian style bedroom beige
Scandinavian decor ideas

There is so much to love about this small Scandi apartment.  The one thing that really stands out is the simplicity of the decor.  But simple doesn’t mean boring or lacking in any way.  In fact it’s the opposite and shows that anybody can create a similar style in their home.  So if you’ve always love Scandi interiors, pick an idea or two from this home and try it out.

*all photos via alvhem

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