‘Life is not an IKEA Catalogue’ Campaign

IKEA, the Swedish furniture giant renowned for its stylish and affordable home goods, has always been a master of marketing. From their iconic blue and yellow stores to their innovative catalog designs, IKEA has consistently found unique and creative ways to capture the attention of consumers worldwide. Now, in a bold and unconventional move, IKEA Norway has taken a leap into the world of brutally honest advertising with a series of TV ads that are turning heads and sparking conversations. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the new IKEA Norway TV ads—Party, Pee, and Puke—to explore how they’re breaking the mold of traditional marketing.

Real-Life Scenes: Embracing Imperfections

IKEA Norway’s new advertising campaign is an exemplar of “brutal honesty.” Instead of showcasing perfectly curated, picture-perfect homes, these ads take a candid and humorous approach to the messy realities of daily life.

Party: Embracing the Chaos

The first video, titled “Party,” portrays the aftermath of a raucous gathering. Unlike most ads that depict spotless homes, IKEA’s Party ad shows the aftermath of a wild gathering. Empty bottles, crumpled napkins, and cluttered spaces are front and center. The ad drives home the idea that IKEA’s products are not just for show; they’re meant to be used and enjoyed, even in the messiest of situations.

Pee: A Pet Parent’s Reality

In the Pee ad, IKEA addresses a universal concern for pet parents. The second video, “Pee,” depicts a dog urinating on an IKEA rug, highlighting the need for washable and durable products.

Puke: Dealing with the Unpleasant

The Puke ad tackles yet another unpleasant reality of life—the aftermath of a sick mother. Rather than glossing over the situation, Puke,” shows a sick mother vomiting in a bucket while her toddler plays nearby. IKEA’s easy-to-clean furniture and fabrics are highlighted as essential tools for handling life’s less glamorous moments.

Stirring Up Controversy and Engagement

Unsurprisingly, the “Puke” video generated mixed reactions among viewers. While some found it gross and disturbing, IKEA claims that the majority of viewers appreciated the campaign’s relatability and authenticity. By showcasing the messy realities of life, the ads sparked conversations and resonated with consumers who could identify with the challenges of maintaining a pristine home environment.

Breaking the Mold

IKEA Norway’s decision to embrace brutal honesty in their advertising is a bold move that’s paying off. These ads resonate with viewers because they reflect the imperfections and challenges of real life. By presenting their products as solutions to these everyday problems, IKEA is positioning itself as a brand that understands and supports its customers’ needs.

Good Design Beyond Catalogues

Celin Kjenslie, Country Marketing Manager at IKEA Norway, emphasizes that the campaign aims to showcase the honest and practical side of life at home. She asserts that good design goes beyond looking great in a catalogue; it should also address the needs and realities of consumers’ lives. By embracing imperfections and highlighting the durability of their products, IKEA seeks to redefine what it means to have a well-designed home.

The Takeaway

The new IKEA Norway TV ads—Party, Pee, and Puke—may not fit the mold of traditional advertising, but they are making a significant impact. By embracing the messiness of life, IKEA is forging a deeper connection with its customers and showing that their products are not just for display but for real living. These brutally honest ads are a refreshing departure from the idealized images often portrayed in the marketing world and serve as a reminder that honesty can be a powerful tool in advertising.


Armchair, black
SKÅLBODA Armchair, black

As IKEA continues to innovate and push the boundaries of marketing, it’s clear that they’re not just selling furniture; they’re selling solutions for everyday life. And in the process, they’re creating a more authentic and relatable brand image that resonates with consumers. IKEA Norway’s “brutally honest” approach is a lesson for marketers everywhere: sometimes, showing the mess is the best way to clean up in the world of advertising.

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