From extra long to super short and everything in between, dreadlock styles for men run a range of hairstyle possibilities. Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that has always managed to intrigue those around it due to its unique beauty.

Whether you’ve been wearing dreadlocks for years or just starting out in the world of dreadlocks, the 65 dread styles for men below will surely inspire you.

1. Cool Dreadlock Styles for Men

These dreadlock styles for men with a twist have a more complex pattern than you’d initially expect. If you look closely, you will notice that they are actually half dreads and half locs – the twists on the scalp region make all the difference.

2. Cornrows and Dreadlocks for Men

You can combine cornrows with dreadlock styles for men, and the result will definitely be a spectacular one. This amazing black man’s hairstyle can be noticed right from the start. Plus, it’s a protective one for your hair.

3. Short Dreads Styles for Guys with Taper Fade

Over the past few years, it’s become increasingly trendier to pair a taper fade with short to medium dreads rather than long ones. So admire how well a side taper fades can bring out these mid dreadlocks styles.

4. Wavy Dread Styles for Men

If you are searching for a different take on dread styles for men and also want to add more volume to your hair, then go for wavy dreadlocks. The ones below are long and tamed down and give off a beachy vibe that fits all seasons.

5. Long Dreadlock Styles for Men in Top Knot Style

Starting off long makes it so much easier to get dreadlocks and also opens up a world of possibilities in terms of styling them. For example, you can go for the (in)famous man bun or a top knot. Try them all and see which one is the best fit for your facial features.

6. Trendy High Top Dread Styles for Men

These twisted dreadlock styles for men look so fine. The twists are made to be very thin and are also coupled with a few highlighted dread styles in this case. Either let them fall loose and stylishly or gather them in a high ponytail. The look below is completed by a mid fade that offers a nice transition to the facial hair.

7. Bohemian Dread Styles for Guys

Some guys would rather rock a hippie or bohemian look, one similar to Lenny Kravitz in this photo. Highlight your awesome fashion choice by going for some long and extra thick dreadlocks styles for men.

8. Twisted Dreadlocks Styles for Men

Make those twisted dreadlock styles for men all the more interesting by also adding in new hair color. The almost caramel brown secondary color helps better showcase the interesting crisscross-like style of the locks and makes for a very creative idea.

9. Stunning Dreadlocks Ponytail Updo for Elegant Guys

There is more than one way to tie your dreadlocks in a ponytail and the one below makes for a stunning look. One of the best things about dreadlocks is that they don’t need styling or flashy hair accessories to draw attention.

10. Thick Braided Ponytail Dreadlock Styles for Men

This is an exquisite hairstyle for men but one for which you will have to get ready to spend a few hours at the barbershop because it is quite complex to make. Still, we think this thick braided dreadlock styles for men is worth it!

11. Beginner Short Dreadlocks Styles for Men

If you love low-maintenance hairstyles, then you should definitely consider trying out short dreadlocks styles for men. They can also be paired with a high-top fade (like Chris Brown below), a taper fade, or a disconnected haircut to make sure you are on-trend.

Short dreadlocks styles are fun, easy to wear, and care for – they don’t need to be fastened, braided, or pinned. The length and thickness of the dreads depend on your own options and tastes. However, our opinion is that longer and weirder dreads are more impressive, but short dreads can be a great option.

Check out more two-strand twists for more reference!

12. Dreads and Updo Style for Men

Dreads and updos for men are quite the matches made in hair heaven. Well-made dreadlocks can easily be styled into many different hairstyles, updos included. We’ve already shown you a top knot style and here, see a messy high man bun.

13. Thick Layered Dreadlocks Styles for Men

Any man already sporting a long layered hairstyle can switch to dreadlocks. Layered dreadlocks look incredibly awesome and, depending on your facial structure, they can also prove to be very flattering and help frame the face.

14. Twisted Mohawk Dread Styles for Men

Most of the time, men ignore the braided mosaic, but this is a really, really hot and gorgeous hairstyle! The extremely clear lines and details of this hairstyle will give you a tough aesthetic.

Although this is by far one of the most intricate dreadlock styles for men, it’s certainly also one of the most beautiful ones as well. You should definitely give it a go because Mohawks still are a beloved style and the lighter-dyed dreadlocks help bring out the great shape of the hair even more.

15. Stylish Undercut Dreadlock

Whatever type of dreadlocks you might have chosen, they can easily be styled to make them fit your style even more. For example, consider adding an undercut with shaved or tapered sides that will also help really bring out the dreads.

16. Gorgeous Pulled Back Blonde Dreadlocks for Men

You can wear a business suit and sport some gorgeous dreadlocks at the same time. The beautiful thing about dreads, in general, is the fact that they can become suitable for different situations and events as long as they are well-adjusted to fit the context. These blonde locs, for example, can be worn just as easily in an office environment and in the club.

17. Medium Length Dreadlocks & Man Bun

Braided medium-length dread styles for men can look extremely rugged and handsome. Consider going for a half up half down hairstyle that will flaunt their natural beauty and also keep your face hair-free

18. Intricate Dreads Style for Men

The dreadlocks below were divided into three equal parts to create the impression of volume and also to make for an original hairstyling idea. We recommend working with a stylist for the best results.

19. Braided Dreadlocks Bun Hairstyle

The below hairstyle is the perfect recipe for a creative and unique twist in a common and simple style. The buns will never go out of style, but sometimes they can easily become commonplace, but if you opt for a braided dreadlocks’ bun hairstyle you will definitely turn heads

Any man with dreads (or anyone looking to start sporting them) should know that there are many wears to style them so that you’ll relieve some of the pressure off your head (literally). You’ve seen man buns, but this photo below shows an actual bun for men – one that was also braided for some added awesomeness. Men with long hair will find this especially useful.

20. Easy-to-Maintain Spiky Dreadlock Styles for Men Short

When in doubt, go for spiky dreads! especially if you have shorter hair. They are especially suited for younger men or teenagers who’ll get a real kick out of trying out a spiky hairstyle. Also, this dreadlock styles for men will be a perfect fit for any guy with short hair.

21. Thick Medium Dreadlocks Styles

A cap or a stylish hat can easily flatter any kind of dread hairstyle for men. But be careful how you wear it! The snap-back can be tricky if (or when) the dreads are not paired with the right headgear. Add more design to your hair by adding accessories to it. Dope, isn’t it? A hip-hop trend worth following.

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22. The Taper Cut and Dreadlocks Faux Hawk

More and more hairstylists have started combining the taper cut with dreadlocks because of its hip and modern results. A taper cut with faux hawk-styled dreadlocks for men will require a bit more maintenance and styling though, so take that into account as well.

23. Edgy Dreads Hairstyle for Men

There are several extravagant versions of the classical dreads hairstyle and this is definitely one of them. This man with dreads decided to style them in a faux pompadour fashion with just some dreads or their ends left hanging free. This edgy look is more appropriate for special occasions, fashion shows, or themed photoshoots, though. If you want something to catch people’s attention, then, this one is for you.

24. Long Braided Dread Styles for Male

There is something incredibly fascinating and beautiful about long-braided dreads. Besides the fact that they can look more elegant, they also won’t require as much styling – although they might be trickier to wash.

25. Throwback Dreads

This dreadlocks style is a throwback to the days in which they were a statement more than a casual style. Nowadays, just as the image below suggests, it is more socially acceptable to wear locks even in a business environment. You can have a clean style with your dreads carefully kept. With a trimmed beard, it makes it look sleeker. Try this!

26. The Jaiden Smith Textured Hair in Short Dreads

Jaiden Smith is one of the latest celebrities that sported very short dreadlocks styles for men. This makes for both an actually cool look and a really practical decision – easy to style and maintain and great for people with afro-textured hair.

27. Cool Dreads Style for Men with a Forward Sweep

Attitude is everything with this blonde dread look. These are not the only dyed dreadlocks on this list, but it is the first dreads style to feature high shaved sides with a long dreads top that was swept forward to create the impression of bangs. It’s a more extreme take on a short sides, long top look.

28. Amazing Short Fade Haircut and Dreadlocks Twists

One of the most widespread trends nowadays is the unique method of mixing a faded haircut with twisted dreads. One of the well-known celebrities, Weekend, used to approach this trend and create his own messy version of this style.

If you want a classic but trendy look, that will never go unnoticed, this hairstyle is for you!

29. Avant-Garde Blue Dreadlock Hairstyle

This posh, creative hairstyle is mostly recommended for male models and very confident guys because of its daring nature. The dreads top was dyed in an absolutely lovely teal hair color while the sides were shaved and faded to make for an awesome transition to the similarly faded facial hair.

Since you’re here:

edgy hairstyles banner

30. Thin Long Curly Dreads

In case you didn’t know, yes, you can completely confuse your dreadlocks for a new stylish look. By opting for this hairstyle, you can add extra texture to your dreads.

There are a few loc styles that look as awesome as curly dreads. This thin and loose dread style surely deserves a try and, as you can see, it is so easy to wear. Both the full beard and the well-picked glasses help complete the look. A great long hairstyle for black men. Check it out!

31. Reddish Tangerine Short Dread Styles for Black Guys

If you have medium-length hair and are tired of sporting the same hairstyle, then any of these cool dread styles for men can easily become your next look. For example, go for a total change with this seemingly short dreads look that really stands out thanks to their tangerine red color.

32. Sun-Kissed Dread Styles for Men

Get a sun-kissed look without having to wait for the sun to do its thing by dyeing your dreads, twists, or braids blonde. This shade of blonde will likely appeal to younger guys looking to make their dreads top really stand out.

33. The Lil Wayne Dreadlocks Style

Lil Wayne sure knows how to transform what he’s wearing into a fashion statement, as these long dreadlocks are now his signature look. This long dreads style will require some patience to get but can be easily styled after the locks are in place.

34. Long Thin Dreads

It is possible to get dreads even if you have fine or thin hair. Below, see how well thin dreads can look, especially ones that were well made, and help frame the face. The side bangs-like locks are also a nice touch but they will need to be well-taken care of (just as the whole hairstyle, for that matter).

35. Urban Dreads – Long Skate-Style

Dreadlocks are welcome mostly anywhere nowadays regardless of the formal-informal context. See how they can be styled to work in the skating world – just think how good those long and blonde dreads will fly behind you as you’re skating!

36. Spiky Messy Short Dreads Look

Any dread style for men can be adapted to suit different fashion styles, to replicate different decades or even the latest fashion trends. For example, young men and teenagers will surely enjoy playing around with this spiky dreads look and make it as messy or as neat as they want to.

37. Fabulously Long Dreadlocks

These incredibly long dreadlocks might be high maintenance, but they are absolutely fabulous and definitely worth it. The styled roots add volume to the entire hairdo and we’d call them jumbo dreads based on their thickness and length.

guy with jumbo ultra long and thick hair

38. The Michael B. Jordan Dreads

These short and thin dreads worn in a spiky hairstyle are making a huge comeback right now thanks to Michael B. Jordan wearing them in the Black Panther movie.

39. Tousled Style

Dreads can look neat and close to perfection, or they can have that messy look that seems so laid back and cool, or even a tousled and disheveled one as if you just got out of a storm – but in a good way.

40. Faded Sides and Neck Length Dreadlocks

This urban look is highlighted by the faded sides. The dreadlocks are a very inspired addition that will make the whole look fiercer and edgier. Try a pencil mustache and a beard too for added effect.

41. Natural Dread Styles for Men

Among the different types of dreads, there are some styles that look so natural it’s hard to say which was created by a hairstylist and which was “styled” by nature. The afro-like look below is just one example but it does prove the point.

42. Neck Length Ombre Dreadlock

There is such thing as ombre dreadlocks for men – and a daring look it is. Don’t hesitate and choose crazy hair colors to better highlight those dreadlocks or go for subtler tones – such as this caramel blonde.

43. Center-Parted Dreadlocks Styles

This handsome look won’t go out of style too soon. Parted dreadlocks are that kind of hairdo that can be easily achieved and groomed every single day. It won’t take too much time for hair care products.

44. Twisted and Braided Dreads Bun

This is an example of creativity at its finest. The elegant twisted and braided dreads bun can’t be forgotten that easily. Only trust in the hands of an accomplished stylist to get this totally amazing dreads creation.

45. Bedhead Dread Styles for Men

Men with medium-length hairstyles can switch to a messily styled dreadlocks look if they want to sport something edgier. This is what we would call the ‘I woke up like this‘ style.

46. Long and Simple Dread Styles for Men

Less can be more even when it comes to hairstyles. The long, simple, classic dreads can be the perfect choice for both formal and informal situations. They work both in their natural hair color and also look especially well in a non-traditional color.

47. Dreadlocks Wrapped in a Bun

This is one of the most extraordinary hairstyles ever as these dreadlocks wrapped in a bun can highlight both the hairstyle and the facial features of the man wearing it. This is one remarkable updo that not many men would be bold enough to sport.

48. Half Updo with Dreadlock Styles

Men with long hair can also go for a half-updo and dreadlocks to achieve or highlight a summary, hippie kind of hairstyle. This can easily become your go-to music festival look.

49. Jason Momoa Style – Long Dread Styles for Guys

There are plenty of hair accessories for men – you just have to pick the ones that can be accessorized with your type of dreads and the clothes of the day. Take Jason Momoa as your source of inspiration for an unmistakably cool look.

50. Long Beard and Dreadlock Styles

Longbeards and dreads can be a match made in hair heaven. This is the kind of typical choice in terms of hairstyling for many men out there. It is an especially popular choice among Rastafarians.

51. Ki-Mani Marley Smoking Hot Dreads for Thick Hair

More and more musicians are choosing dreads in their videos or for their live performances. The truth is that dreads can look smoking hot and help send out a message – especially when worn by reggae artists.

52. Back-Tied Dreadlocks Styles for Men

Dreads can be easily tied at the back, especially when you have to run errands, work out, or go to work. This look is actually very cute, and it gives you plenty of room for subtle styling.

53. Oversized Head Scarves and Dreadlocks Styles

Large headscarves are a thing now – and it looks like they go incredibly well with dreadlocks. They can be a cool summer accessory and a useful one in wintertime – wear this instead of a beanie. Dreadlocks with a headscarf combo will protect you from the cold but won’t ruin your dreads.

54. Low Taper Fade and Dreadlocks Style

Goatees, taper fade haircuts, and thick dreads can help highlight any guy’s bad-boy side. If you like the idea, go for this type of bold look that also resembles glossy locs.

55. Blonde Dyed Dreadlocks for Men

Bottle blonde dreadlocks will look quite natural as long as you use some highlights and just that—nothing more, nothing less. Place them around the face to bring out your eyes for the best results.

56. Complex Dread Styles for Men

Hairstylists love a challenge so do consider discussing even the more intricate dreadlocks styles for men if you ask for specialized help in getting dreadlocks. The style below, for example, is complex and interesting enough to be worn even on the most special of occasions.

Complex Style

57. Dreadlocks and Braided Patterns

Most types of braids will look very flattering with dreadlocks. You just have to find the right combination that works for you as well as for your facial type, your hair type, and generally, your style. A dazzling look! Look as awesome as this with this style.

58. Dreads for Voluminous Hair with Ponytail

If you’re aiming for more hair volume, braid bigger dreadlocks – more specifically, go for the so-called jumbo braids. They look a lot chunkier than thin ones and help give the illusion of volume.

59. Dreadlocks in a Fishtail Braid

If you ever wondered what fishtail braided dreads look like, now you know. This is a simple way of adding that extra something to dreadlocks and you can even learn to do it by yourself! It may take time to do this but definitely worth it!

60. The Side Top Knot for Long Dreadlock

This unusual updo is a contemporary and creative take on the old top knot or man bun. It is precisely the novelty of the look that makes it so exquisite and the reason why you should try it out as soon as possible. A classy man! Bulk up your dreads to look astonishing as this.

61. Green Dread Styles for Men

We are absolutely in love with these lime green medium dreads and the way they look styled against the golden jewelry. Did you notice the ear cuff which is so on-trend right now? Ten styling points! Look at that sleek edge! A well-detailed line and a clean side are a perfect cut for your dreads.

62. Yellow Summer Dread Styles for Men

Another color that you can successfully try this summer is a shade of yellow. Pick the one which you like most starting from lemon and all the way to sunflower and butterbeer. It will also work best if your dreads are medium-length. Never be afraid to explore and experiment with your hair. Try this!

63. Dread Styles for Men in Pigtails

If you style them correctly and age-appropriately, pigtails can become extremely fashionable, trendy, and downright cool. Don’t think about the pigtails worn by little girls skipping rope. Think about this awesome hipster hairstyle. A daunting look for a strong character. Be creative as this!

64. Colorful Dread Styles for Men

Let your creativity run wild and think about all the fantastic hairstyles, haircuts, and hair colors that you can use to style your dreads. This is not the time to be classic and traditional! Instead, choose eccentric shades and cuts! How awesome is this? A flashy style to make you look so cool. Let the colors bring life to your fashion.

65. Maxi Dreadlock Styles

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if you’d never cut your hair again, this is the answer. These are maxi dreads that runway past the midriff. While they are a bit challenging to maintain, they can be totally worth it! Years of investment is given to this haircut. If you are dedicated to having this, then try it out.


Dread styles for men started out as a protective style but have since quickly become a very trendy and fashionable look, and it is definitely here to stay for a long, long time and more than likely new and cooler styling options will always appear.

Tell us in the comments if you would or if you have already done one of the above dreads styles and if so, which of them? Also, if you know of any other dread hairstyles, let us know in the comments section – we can’t wait to find them out!

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