A clean and in-between look, the two-strand twist men’s hairstyle toes the line from braids to dreads. And it does so in a very fine way.

We’re all here for it! Fresh and a bit lose, can you nail the two-strand twist look?

It works perfectly fine for all types of afro-textured hair – from z coils to loose coils and even the tightest of coils.

1. Classic Two Strand Twists with Skull Pattern & Hair Accessories

One trick to hold your two-strand twist men’s hairstyle in place is to use some hair accessories like the dude here. Other than that, nothing too out of the ordinary when it comes to the two-strand twist – basic twists with a skull pattern. A cool classic hairstyle.

What to ask for?

Two strand twists with a skull pattern and also ask for a place to find those beads this guy has in his hair.

2. Thick Two Strand Braids with Fade

A bit thicker than the previous entry, and a bit farther apart. Love the way they fade into simple curls toward the tips. The small goatee adds to this look so if you can grow one.

What to ask for?

Thick two strands of braids, high fade, no sideburns, and a goatee.

3. Tight and Short French Crop with Slicked Back Two Strand Braids

This one has a very disheveled look and if that’s what you’re going for – it’s perfect! I’m personally not a fan of the French crop shortcut paired with the braids – doesn’t do it for me. But it does look very bold. A great two-strand twist hairstyle for men.

What to ask for?

Messy French crop with two-strand braids slicked back and a fade.

4. Two Strand Corkscrew Coils with Highlights and Bald Fade

The blonde highlights add to the look. So much so that I’d recommend trying it out with either of the hairstyles on this list – if you’re brave enough. I particularly appreciate the drop bald fade! By far the best, tightest hairstyle on this list so far. If you have naturally curly hair, these twists will look good on you.

What to ask for?

Two strand corkscrew coils with blonde highlights and drop fade.

5. Simple Short Two Strand Twists for Men

As I keep writing on this site, it’s interesting that a lot of the latest trends for women are moving on and influencing the most innovative styles for men. Just like the two-strand twists. But let me tell you, no hairstyle is new – if you want to innovate and have an audience, go for it and give us a message!

What to ask for?

Simple two-strand braids, short.

6. Two Strand Twist Dreads in a Loose Ponytail

Why not tie them in a loose tail? To be honest, this looks super cool. Like, if you’ve got hair that can do that – go for it. The turtleneck adds to the look. Dope, isn’t it? Try this out with your long hairstyle for black men.

What to ask for?

Long two-strand twists in a ponytail.

7. Very Short Two Strand Twist Men with Goatee

If you like that short look, why not go shorter? The twists
look a bit fluffier like that. Add a messy goatee for extra style points.

What to ask for?

Short two-strand twists.

8. Tight and Medium-Thick Two Strand Twist Men Short Hair

The high bald fade works well with slightly thicker twists like this guy has. I also love how the beard is a bit bushy on the down-low but the mustache is neatly trimmed. A good look overall!

What to ask for?

Medium-thick twists with bald fade and trims the mustache.

9. Extra Short Twist with Medium Drop Taper Fade

It’s like this barber just wanted to add more and more words to describe this hairstyle. Let’s go over them. It’s obviously a two-strand twist style, it’s got a drop fade because it’s descending like that around the ear, but it’s also a taper because of how tight it is. It’s a bit too extra but it might do the trick for you!

What to ask for?

The extra short twist with medium drop taper fade.

10. Twisted Pony Tail with High Fade

It’s all in the body type here. You need that skinny look in order to pull off the two-strand twists fluffy ponytail look. The fade is optional but makes everything a bit more modern-looking.

What to ask for?

Two strand twists tied in a fluffy ponytail with a high fade on the sides.

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11. Tight Medium Afro Twists with Bushy Beard

The beard is so tight, it could probably win a prize in the tightest beard contest… if that’s a thing. Anyway, the way the two-strand twists stand up in a traditional afro really works.

What to ask for?

Just bring a photo, this dude is way too on point to risk it. It’s basically a two-strand twist afro with a taper fade and a stylish bushy beard.

12. Twist in a Large Bun

The style in this photo also pairs well with a short bushy
beard. You only have to keep everything nicely trimmed because that type of
beard has a complicated history – just saying.

What to ask for?

Twists in a bun with fade.

13. Checkered Skull Design with Thick Twists

Similar to the first entry on our list, this two-strand twists hairstyle employs a more traditional checkered skull pattern for a simpler look. The almost-chinstrap beard also complements the look.

What to ask for?

Thick twists with a checkered pattern.

14. Twisted Fringe with Drop Zero Fade on the Sides (and Beard)

Another contender for the top hairstyle on this list. If you like that fringe blocking your vision, go for it! It looks undeniably cool. This is a warning that you need to style this while your damp hair hasn’t dried. Stylish, isn’t it?

What to ask for?

Twists fringe with drop zero fade.

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15. Shape Up Tight Twists

Despite what some may say, these aren’t dreads, they’re twists, it’s just that the dude’s hair is extremely tight and looks like dreads. In fact, they’re twists. What a display! These sleek twists will certainly look good on you!

What to ask for?

Shaped-up twists.

16. Medium-short Elegant Twists

What makes these unique is that they’re a bit more elegant, and very neatly put together and the dude’s put some serious upkeep time into his hairdo. If you like the look and are up for hair care, a kaki suit will only add to it.

What to ask for?

Medium-short two-strand twists, but go for that more expensive barber.

17. Basic Thicker Twists with Pattern and Middle Part

The middle part is mostly the only differentiating factor here. Other than that, it’s good to note the dude obviously has some thick hair there since the thicker two-strand twists for men are very close together.

What to ask for?

Middle-parted two-strand twists with a pattern.

18. “Noodle” Style with Bandana

Another contender for the freshest black hairstyle on this list, this boy looks on point. The bandana is not mandatory, but it definitely adds to the whole thing.

What to ask for?

Noodle-like two-strand twists.

19. Think Long Twists with Permed Blonde Highlights

We’re borrowing this style from the women’s side of the aisle because why not? It looks on point and the blonde-orange highlights are just gorgeous. You don’t need to perm them like in the photo, but it definitely helps if you want to.

What to ask for?

Long, thin two-strand twists with blonde-orange highlights.

20. Shaggy Two Strand Twist Locs with Extra Short Mustache

They call this style the “beautiful wool” and I get why. The two strand twists here are very tight and close together and the overall shaggy appearance paired with a slight fade on the side?! We’re all here for it!

Tip: go for a good leave-in conditioner here and always air-dry your hair.

What to ask for?

Shaggy medium twists with a drop fade.

21. Short French Crop with a Few Twists and Beard

The tight fade with a taper is what makes this hairstyle look the way it does. The two-strand twists are cool, especially because they’re so far apart. Add to this the very tight, fuzzy beard and we’ve got a style perfect for any occasion.

22. Best Twist from Cornrows

This combo style functions surprisingly well – it’s merging two styles into a medium bob-like style that honestly just does it for us. The short chinstrap improves the overall aesthetics. This is a great reference for any black men’s hairstyle.

What to ask for?

Cornrows in the front and thick two-strand twists in the back, going around bob-style.

23. Forward Swept Twist with High Fade

Again, this dude may look like he has dreads, but in fact, they’re just thicker two-strand twists tied together with some hair accessories and swept forward, maybe with some molding paste. The fade is also executed to perfection.

What to ask for?

Thick forward-swept twists and high fade with a few designs on the side.

24. Medium Shaggy Two Strand Twists Natural Hair

A bit different from the previous shaggy style we put on here, this one lets the twists grow a bit longer and further down.

What to ask for?

Medium shaggy twists.

25. Two Thick Braids that End in Two Stand Twist Style Down the Sides

The trick here is that the two braids down each side end up in two-strand twists. The top is pretty basic apart from this. We recommend trying out a beard style or two.

What to ask for?

Long, thick braids that end in twists.

26. Extra Thick Twist

Similar to what Barry White used to wear. Love the skin fade on the side and the messy beard. Honestly, the whole style is on point.

What to ask for?

Very thick two-strand twists with a skin taper fade.

27. Thin and Far Between Twists with Bandana and Extra Bushy Beard

Let’s look at this one as a longer more mature version of number 18 on the list. the Twists fade into the medium-short hair and it looks cool because they’re so far apart. You’ll need a good wide tooth comb.

What to ask for?

Slick thin two-strand twists.

28. Messy Medium Twist

Similar to some of the other styles on this list, the one here is a combination of the more stylish type of tight twists with a slightly messy curl pattern and a disheveled arrangement. It works great, especially with little to no beard.

What to ask for?

Medium two-strand twists are slightly messy.

29. Thickest Twist Possible

These are actually two dreads twists, but I think it fits the list. It’s a bit iffy, but if you got the confidence to pull it off, don’t hesitate.

What to ask for?

Dreadlock two-strand twist for men.

30. Frilly Twist with High Fade and Crop

We end with a very simple style of frilly twists slicked back with a high fade and a slight French crop in the front.

What to ask for?

Thin two-strand twists slicked back with high fade and a short beard.

Summing Up

We went over every possible design of two strand twists men’s hairstyles we could come across. Which one did you pick? Which one do you think is the best two-strand twists men’s hairstyle? If you like it that much once you get it, send us your photo on our Pinterest and we might even feature it!

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