The French Crop Haircuts for men are a classic style that keeps your hair short and looks very stylish. Most of the time this style has a fringe, or bangs, in the front and short hair around the sides and nape. This style is very popular not only in France but all around the world. It is very similar to the Ceaser haircut for men with just a few differences.

This has become one of the most popular haircuts for men after the main character in the hit Netflix show Peaky Blinders wore his French cut on the big screen. We have found you look like his, but there are also haircuts on this list that have various alterations to this style. For example, there are a couple of looks on this list that allows you to have longer hair, a few have a bit more texture, and some are more of a bald fade look. No matter what French crop hairstyle you are looking for, it is sure to be on this list of the 50 best french crop haircuts for men.

1. French Crop Haircut with Ear Tuck

This first handsome style for men is a look that has a medium length. The French cut ear tuck look is perfect for men who have been growing their hair out and just need a nice trim. It keeps the hair long and pushed back for a sexy style that can work all year long.

2. French Disconnected Undercut

Undercut hairstyles are one of the best styles to add to a french cut. It allows the fringe and the section of hair on top to stand out, which are the most important part of a french cut.

3. Short Classic French Crop Haircut

Here is one of the classic French Crop haircuts that is on the shorter side. You can see the fringe in the front and the shorter hair on the sides and in the back. Any man would look great trying this hairstyle out.

4. Mid Skin Fade with Line

This little man is wearing his haircut with a mid-skin fade with a thick line right under the main section of hair. He has some serious style, plus this would be such an easy haircut to keep up with. Style your kid with this haircut. A fashionable trend perfect for them.

5. Classic Side Part

Side part hairstyles are one of the best ways to disguise those pesky cowlicks that some men have to deal with. This classic side cut keeps your hair pretty long on the top, with a nice fade around the ears that continues down to the nape.

6. Fauxhawk Fade Undercut

Fauxhawks with undercuts will always be in style. Try finding yourself a good hair paste and running it through your hair in the morning to ensure that your hair will stay in shape no matter what your day brings. With a clean trim to your facial hair, looking sleek and formal is acquired.

7. Clean French Crop Haircut

Clean cuts are great any time of the year. In the photo above he is wearing his hair with a short fringe and very layers on top to bring out the texture. And do not forget about the undercut that he has all around the sides, it is so important to keep your edges looking fresh.

8. Textured Short French Crop Haircut

Textured short hair is one of the key factors with a french crop hairstyle. Here he has cut his hair on the shorter side, but still has all the important factors of a French cut, like a french and a fade.

9. French Buzz Cut with Beard

You can rock a buzz cut with this style too. In the look above he has decided to grow out this beard and the contrast between the buzz cut and the long beard hair is so stylish. Keep it clean and short! With less volume on the sides and tops, you will be able to flex your bushy beard.

10. Short Fade French Crop Haircut

Keeping your hair on the shorter side with a short fade is a great way to cut down your morning routine but still look so dope. Here he is a french style crop that fades to short hair on the sides.

11. French Clean Shave Haircut

Military haircuts can be so boring, so why not try out one of these French Crop haircuts on your next trip to the barber’s chair? He has a clean-shaven face which is also required in most military branches so your boss should have no problem if you decide to recreate this look.

12. French Slicked Backed

Slicked-back hair has been popular ever since hair products have been around. This French slicked-back look has a temple fade around the ears with longer hair on top that is brushed back and it looks so good.

13. Textured Slicked Back

A textured slicked back haircut is an iconic French cut look. In the photo above he has his hair spiky and a bit messy for a no-care type of look, and it is working great for him.

15. French Crop Euro Haircuts

Euro cuts do not have to stay in Europe, this style can be worn all over the world. Above he has styled his hair brushed down with the edges trimmed to his natural hair line and the results look amazing.

16. French Soccer Cut

Soccer stars are always setting the best new trends. If you want to try out a French soccer cut, save this photo for later. He has a nice temple fade in the front and the rest of his hair is longer and brushed to the side. To add a little extra spice to your style try incorporating the two-line design he has coming from his hair and counting down into his beard.

17. French Crop Textured Haircut with Silver

This hairstyle has a bunch of different stylish factors including our featured style, a textured crop, silver-gray color all over, and cut-in designs. If you want to dress to impress this is a style you should save for later. Talk about creativity!

18. Mullet French Crop

Mullet haircuts are back and better than ever. This would be such a good hairstyle to try out if you feel like mixing it up a bit. Above he is wearing his mullet with a french crop style in the front and has brushed it back for an overall handsome look.

19. French Crop Fade with Line

Another way to take your French cut to the next level is to add in this dope fade with a v-shape edge and part cut in. Doing this type of design will make your hair stand out in the crowd, and you are going to love your next style.

20. Two-Block French Crop

Two-block styles emerged from Korea and have taken the world by storm. The combo of the two-block look with a bit of a French-styled crop is what is shown in the photo above and the results are amazing.

21. Side Part French Crop

Another way to make your style unique is to ask for our featured hairstyle but then throw in a side part. You will look amazing and clean-cut after your trip to the barber if you try out this look.

22. Short Crop Top Fade

Here is one of the French crop haircuts with a high top fade added in. In the photo above he has a fade that reaches up to the middle of the head, and the hair on top is cut into textured layers for a handsome style that you are going to love.

23. Low-Fade French Crop

Low fades are another popular type of fade that blends in perfectly with a french style crop. Above he has styled his hair in a spiky buttoned-down look and it was a perfect choice. A perfect illustration of a gentleman!

24. French Crop Skin Fade

Skin fades also look great with this type of haircut for men. A skin fade is when the fade is so short that you can see the bald skin. If you can try growing your beard as the model has done in the photo above, it will enhance your style even more.

25. Comb Over French Crop

Comb-overs are one of the most popular choices for men looking to change up their hair in 2023. Here he as a short fade around the sides and back but kept the hair long enough on the top to part it on the side and comb it over with some type of hair gel.

26. Mid Skin Taper

Mid-skin tapers will keep the hair short but fade perfectly into the rest of the hair. In this french style mid-skin taper, they trimmed the edges around the natural hairline and finished the top off with a nice fringe in the front.

27. Sharp Fade Haircut

Here is an example of a sharp fade haircut. He parted his hair on the side and cut it short, but left the other side long and combed over. These would be such good French Crop haircuts for men to try out during the summer months.

28. Skin Fade Crew Cut

Enhance your next crew cut with a skin fade around the back and sides. In the photo above he is wearing his hair naturally in the front but you could also leave it long enough to spike it up if you had an important event to go to.

29. Medium Faded Haircut

For men with medium-length hair, we have found you your next haircut. This medium faded haircut will leave you looking stylish and ready for anything life throws at you. Keep the sides and nape short and ask for a fade that blends into the longer layer on top.

30. Skin Fade with Beard

Short and simple is the best way to describe this handsome haircut. He is wearing a skin fade with a short trimmed beard in the photo above and it looks very handsome.

31. Messy Long Hairstyle

Messy hairstyles take a little bit more work than most people think. Here he has different lengths of layers and the back is pulled into a low pony.

32. Blowout Haircut

Blowout haircuts are another super popular style that men are wearing in 2023. A blowout haircut is typically styled with the hair pushed back, but in this look he has it all cut short and it looks amazing with his facial hair.

33. T Parts Swipe

This T Parts Swipe Hairstyle is a cool combination of box braids, razor-cut designs, and french crop haircuts. To recreate this hairstyle, ask your barber or your loctician to start from a classic box braids hairstyle, and afterward ask them to shape your “boxes” in T shape razor cut designs that match.

34. High Line Skin Fade

This French-style haircut has a high line of skin fade around the sides and nape of the head. The fade here blends in swimmingly with the longer layers of the hair. You could style his look spiky or brushed down, either way, you are going to love the way you look.

35. Blurry Fade Shave

Blurry fades are just another way of saying that your fade is blended in perfectly with the rest of your hair. And in the photo above that is exactly what is happening. He has a nice temple fade around the ears, with a fringe in the front. This would be one of the good French crop haircuts to choose if you wanted to mix up your normal routine at the barber.

36. Afro Hairstyle French Crop

Braids and afros can also be included in this list of the best french style crops. In this particular hairstyle, the sides are edged up nice and short and there are 8-10 braids that run to the top of his head. Try this lookout if you are wanting to enhance your normal style.

37. Clean Cut French Crop

For all the men out there who like looking fresh try out this clean-cut french crop haircut. It will keep your hair short throughout the bottom sections with the hair on the top just a few inches long. Try adding styling products to make sure your clean cut stays all day long.

38. Sharp Fade with Beard

Beards and sharp fades are like two peas in a pod. This haircut includes a short fringe across the forehead, layers throughout the main section of hair, and a sharp fade around the rest. And once you grow out your beard this look is a show-stopper.

39. Starter Dreadlocks

Starter dreadlocks do not get the love they deserve. I take a long time to grow your dreads out to look like Bob Marley. This french style crop is a great way to keep the edges looking their best when you decide to go and get those starter dreadlocks.

40. Brushed-Up Hairstyle

Here is a brushed-up hairstyle for men that has all the characteristics of a french style cut. The back is short and sides are short and the hair on the top is brushed back with a part on the side. This would be a great style for men of all ages to try out.

41. Fresh Cut with Beard

Sometimes all you need to feel your best is a fresh cut. In the photo above he is wearing a fresh cut with a nicely trimmed beard.

42. Sharp Edge Haircut

Here is a handsome example of a sharp-edge haircut. They have trimmed the hair around the natural hairline and left the top long enough to style spiked up or brushed over.

43. Short Crop Top with Line

Short crops are another extremely popular haircut for men in 2023. This look keeps the hair short all over, with a bald fade on the bottom. If you want to send your style to the next level try adding in the double cut in design where your hairline meets the shape fade.

44. Fresh Barber Style

Barbers love it when you ask them to do a fresh barber-style haircut. It lets them decide what to do with your hair, and they are experts after all. Save this photo to show your barber if they are unsure what you mean.

45. Long Side Fade French Crop Haircut

Not all french crops are short and with low fades, here is a style that has a long side fade. In the photo above he is wearing his long hair brushed back and has a very subtle temple fade right above the ears.

46. Curly Fade French Crop Haircut

Curly hair can be hard to find the right style for, but look no further this curly fade with a french style crop should be your next look. Here he is also added in a dope design with 3 lines, but you could always come up with your look to make this your own.

47. V-Shape Fade

V-shape fades are so dope and this one even has a little rat tail added on. To get this look to ask for a v-shape fade and leave the hair on top a little bit longer, and lastly ask for a temple fade around the ears and you are all set.

48. Pompadour Fade Skin

Pompadour hairstyles from the 1950s have made their way back into the mainstream and are popular again. This particular style has the french style crop and a pompadour look going on and it is a modern take on both hairstyles.

49. Faux Hawk Fade

Faux hawks look best with they have a good fade alongside them. In the photo above they have also added in a funky aqua color and it looks pretty cool.

50. Pompadour Undercut

Last but not least is this handsome pompadour followed by an undercut with a beard. He has also added a thick cut in part right above his undercut to bring some dimension to his style.


French crops have come a long way since they were first worn all those years ago. Have you ever worn your hair in a French crop or do you think that you will try one out now that you have gone through our list of the 50 best? Let us know down below which one is your favorite, we love hearing from you!

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