Are you searching for Chris Hemsworth Haircuts? Of course, you are; he is one of the most stylish men in Hollywood. He became famous for his role as Thor in many different Marvel movies. But did you know that he and his famous brothers are actually from Australia? You would never know that he had an Aussie accent with his wonderful acting.

Chris Hemsworth usually has his hair in a sexy, messy look, but there are also styles on this list where he is wearing his hair long like in the Thor movie, or cut short in a buzz cut. He has dark hair with subtle blonde highlights throughout in almost all of these looks. You get the idea; let’s look at the 50 best Chris Hemsworth haircuts.

1. Lesbian Chris Hemsworth Hairstyle

This first look is called a lesbian hairstyle. It keeps the hair around the nape and the sides short with enough length left up on top to brush to one side in a messy style. A great hairstyle to achieve a fashionable wet look.

2. Medium Messy Chris Hemsworth Haircut

If you can grow your hair out to a medium length, this would be a great look for you to try out. Above, Chris is wearing a medium messy hairstyle that looks so good that he is movie ready.

3. Short Spiky Chris Hemsworth Haircut

All men should try out this short spiky hairstyle once in their life. Here he is wearing a short spiky hairstyle, and it looks like he is at a movie premiere, so you know this is a versatile look that can be worn anywhere. Let those spikes be your crown with this style.

4. Upkeep Taper Fade Chris Hemsworth Haircut

If you like more of a look with an upkeep feel, then this Chris Hemsworth kept taper fade haircut is perfect. It keeps the sides short and trimmed up with a taper fade, and the top is long enough to wear messy or spiked up.

5. Long Ponytail Chris Hemsworth Haircut

Next up on this list is a hairstyle with a Thor superhero vibe. He has his long blonde hair back in a low ponytail, and it looks so good. He probably grew his hair out for his major role in the Marvel movies, but it looked so good he kept it. With your hair tied together this way, you will achieve a gentle and classy vibe.

6. Medium Side Swept Chris Hemsworth Hairstyle

Up next is a darker shade than Chirs is used to wearing. This style is called a medium side-swept look because he has his long hair brushed to the side. He has also paired this dark look with a short beard, and it looks amazing. Make sure to trim your facial hair well so that it will complement the upper hairdo.

7. Fringe Haircut Style

Fringe haircuts are one of the most popular hairstyles for men in 2023. And Chris is a trendsetter, so, of course, he has worn this type of haircut before. Keep the front long and the sides short, and you will get the best results with this style.

8. Short Quiff Haircut

This next Chris Hemsworth hairstyle is a short quiff haircut. A quiff haircut is a style that keeps the front semi-long and the sides trimmed with some fade; in the look above, he has kept the sides long and trimmed around the natural hairline.

9. Loose Haircut

Here is a style that Chris wore during his Thor days. To get this look, you will need to grow your hair out and part it down the middle, and then you must dye your hair blonde if you do not have natural blonde locks.

10. Chris Hemsworth’s Hairline Style

This look shows off his natural hairline, which comes to a natural v and is not receding. He has a long hairstyle brushed back with an almost wet look here.

11. Short Quiff Haircut

Chris Hemsworth’s classic hairstyle is a quiff look, which is a style that keeps the sides short and the front a little bit longer. If you try this style, you might want to invest in some hair product so you can get this messy but in-place type of hairstyle.

12. Medium Length Haircut

Here is another blonde Chris Hemsworth hairstyle. To get this look, grow your hair to about chin length, lighten it up to a nice golden hue, and then part in the middle. This hairstyle would work best with men with naturally wavy or straight hair.

13. Thor Ragnarok Hair

Chris Hemsworth’s hairstyle for the movie Thor is also known as Thor Ragnarok Hair. He has grown his hair out to his shoulder and pulled it back into a half-up, half-down style that works great with his messy hair.

14. Long Blonde Chris Hemsworth Hairstyle

Long blonde hair looks so good on men of all ages. Long hair is versatile because you can wear it down or pull it up like in the photo above. Another way to wear long blonde hair is in a top knot style which is right on trend with men’s hairstyles in 2023. This is on of the hottest Chris Hemsworth Haircuts.

15. Slick Short Chris Hemsworth Cut

Slick and short is the best way to describe this Chris Hemsworth hairstyle. He looks like he just got done swimming, and his hair still looks perfect. To get this style, ask for a natural fade on the sides and leave the hair on top long enough to spike up.

16. Short Sleek Side Hairstyle

Here is another example of wearing your hair sleek and short of matching Chris’s style. He has a more natural dark hair color in the photo above, which goes great with his short and sleek look.

17. Undercut with Beard

Beards and undercuts are a combination that works with all types of hair. Above, Chris has a short undercut around the natural hairline and left some length on top so he can still style his hair any way he would like.

18. Short Straight Brunette Haircut

Here is a great style for men with short brunette hair. Try growing the top out long enough to brush back, or you could always wear your short hair messy like Chris is in this look above.

19. Medium Bangs Undercut Style

Another handsome style from Chris is this medium bang look with an undercut. Try parting your hair on the side so that your bangs will frame your face and make it appear thinner.

20. Medium Brushed Crop

If you have been growing your hair out to a nice medium length, you should try out this brushed cropped look. You will still be able to add in any fade that you would like to keep the sides short and neat but have some length left on the top.

21. Mini Quiff

Mini quiffs are one of the best Chris Hemsworth haircuts to wear during summer. It will keep the hair on the back of your neck short, which will keep you cool during the hot months. Try brushing the front of the hair back and adding some hair product to keep it out of your face.

22. Medium Messy Formal

Chris loves wearing his hair in a medium length with a messy but formal vibe. This will be a fresh style if you are a businessman looking for your next appropriate haircut for work.

23. Medium Gentle Spikes

Medium-length with soft spikes is the best way to describe the Chris Hemsworth Haircuts above. This is one of his signature looks and would be a great style for men of all ages to try. What a gentleman he is, isn’t he?

24. Short Gentle Spikes Haircut

Like the hairstyle before this one, he is wearing soft spikes, but his hair is a bit shorter in this look. He has also added some hair gel to avoid worrying about his hair coming out of place all day long.

25. Short Buzzed Undercut

He is wearing a short buzzed look for this beach hairstyle with an undercut. If you look closer, he has his hair gently parted on one side, allowing the hair to fall over slightly to one side.

26. Messy Textured Spikes

Messy hairstyles always look handsome when you do them right. And everyone knows that Chris knows how to wear his messy hairstyle right. Here he has added textured spikes in the front, which was a great choice.

27. Messy Fluffy Hair

This rugged style was probably for a movie because it does not fit the typical Chris Hemsworth hairstyles. Nonetheless, he still looks great with his shoulder-length hair parted down the middle with curtain bangs.

28. Badass Look Haircut

For a badass Chris Hemsworth haircut, try out this short style. He has also added a beard and paired his suit with sunglasses at a movie premiere.

29. Medium Length Slicked Backcut

Once you can grow your out to shoulder-length, you can try out this medium-length slicked back cut look. If you want to enhance this look, add in some blonde highlights all over, you are going to love the way you look.

30. Taper Fade Haircut

Taper fades look good on everyone, not just Chris. He has parted his hair on the side and pushed the hair over to one side while the other side is cut short.

31. Off-Side Hairstyle

Next up is this offside haircut that Chris is famous for wearing would be one of the best choices for your next haircut. This style will keep your hair short around your natural hairline with just a few inches left on top so you can wear it spiky.

32. Leaning One Side Chris’ Haircut

Try this leaning-to-one-side hairstyle if you have a cowlick in the front of your hair, as many men do. Save this photo to show your hairdresser if you are unsure how to describe the haircut correctly.

33. Brushed Backward Short Side

Another way to always look your best is to try out this short-sided hairstyle with the front brushed back. He has paired this look with a full beard, enhancing the look even more.

34. Short Side Fade Cut

Fades are so popular among men’s hairstyles, and this photo of Chris shows why. He is wearing a short side fade cut, and his hair has never looked better.

35. Short Casual Hairstyle

a man had his Short Casual Looks style

For a short causal style, try this simple buzz haircut out. Sometimes when you keep to the old-school classics, it brings out the best features of your face.

36. Medium Fallen Quiff Cut

Fallen quiffs are possible when you ask your hairdresser to leave a few pieces of your hair longer in the front. Other than that, this is a wonderful quiff style that would look great on men of all ages.

37. Casual Chris Hemsworth Crew Cut

Here Chris is wearing a classic crew cut look because this style is so versatile; you can wear it to work, the gym, or out for the night flawlessly.

38. Long Messy Side Fade Cut

Ever heard of long-expression hair? Don’t you care? That is the vibe that one of these Chris Hemsworth haircuts is giving off; it is called a long messy style with a side fade.

39. Side Sweep Chris Hemsworth Hairstyles

Side-swept hairstyles work best when you part your hair on one side and comb it. As a result, you will get a side-swept style that you will love. Be sure to find a hair gel that works well with your hair type to stay in place all day long.

40. Buzzed Undercut Chris Hemsworth Hairstyles

Next up on the best Chris Hemsworth haircuts list is this buzzed undercut hairstyle with a nice comb-over shape. Chris is the king of messy styles, and this is another one for the books.

41. Subtle Fade Cut

Once you get past this epic photo of Chris, you will notice that he is wearing a subtle fade haircut. The sides are cut short with a subtle fade in this look, while the hair on the top is left a few inches long and is styled brushed back.

42. Wet Look Chris Hemsworth Hairstyles

Another example of wearing your hair like the Thor actor is to get a wet look hairstyle. Hair gel works best for obtaining a style like this one.

43. Long Top Haircut

Long-top haircuts are another classic style that Chris Hemsworth loves to wear. This haircut would be simple to care for; all you need to do is grow the top a few inches long, and then after that, ask for a short fade around the sides and the back, and you are all set.

44. Hearthrob Haircut

Everyone can agree that Chris Hemsworth is one of the most heart throbbed men in Hollywood, and because of that, this hairstyle is called a heartthrob haircut. This look has blonde highlights and is finished with a nice spiky look.

45. Mid-Brushed Chris Hemsworth Hairstyles

Try this mid-brushed hairstyle if you are looking for a semi-messy style. This would be a great haircut to try out if you like running your hands through your hair or if you need to keep your hair out of your face all day for work.

46. Brushed Finger Sweep

Finger-swept hair is so easy to get. All you need to do is put some hair gel in your hands and run them through the top section of your hair until you get the hairstyle like in the photo above.

47. Choppy Long Top

This Chris Hemsworth hairstyle is called a choppy style with a long top. Choppy styles are a great way to add texture to your hair, and if you want to add even more texture to your style, add subtle blonde highlights, as Chris has done in the photo above.

48. Medium Blonde Haircut

It can be hard to find the right blonde hairstyle for your medium-length hair. But look no further than this Chris Hemsworth haircut for men. He dyed his hair blonde and let it grow out to a medium length, parted down the center for a laid-back hairstyle.

49. Quiff Pomp Side

Quiff pomp side styles are one of the most popular hairstyles for men. He is swimming at the beach, and his hair still looks good.

50. Short Faux Hawk

For a serious stylish short Chris Hemsworth haircut, try out this faux hawk look. It keeps the sides and back cut short while the hair on top is long enough to style brushed back like in the photo above, or you could also wear it spiky if you wanted to.


Chris Hemsworth’s haircuts are always in style, and he loves setting new trends. Most of these looks would be easy to care for because Chris likes wearing his hair with a messy touch. So which one of these Chris styles did you like best? Let us know down below; we always love hearing what you think!

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