Having an attic space at home does not mean that everyone can make maximum use of it. This narrow and stuffy room is often only used as a warehouse or place to store old items. Even though a loft space is a smart solution to get around a small space, offering a comfortable sleeping area and lots of space for creativity. If you happen to need an extra room for your little one, turn it into a fun space for your kids. No matter how big your attic space is, it can be decorated as a great children’s bedroom in any theme and style.

You can include anything your kids like, from adorable designs, creating a magical atmosphere, to enhancing their space with storage areas and functionality. From now on, put aside your thoughts that the attic room is dark and boring, you can also turn it into a kid-friendly room. Below we’ve rounded up some kids’ attic room ideas to add charm and whimsy to their sanctuary. Get inspired!


Attic bedroom decorating ideas

Some attics are designed to have abundant air circulation and lighting so they are ideal for children’s rooms. Create a calm and comfortable space for your little one to do whatever activities they like, for example playing, studying or even resting. You can create additional windows in the roof that let in light during the day and display stars at night. Organize the storage space properly so that it doesn’t take up a lot of space, use everything for storage with multifunctional shelves and cupboards. If it’s a shared room consider accommodating two beds in a clever way, or giving it a different theme depending on taste.


Girls’ loft bedroom

There is a slight difference when you design an attic bedroom for girls and boys. If you have a girl, transform your attic into a girls’ bedroom with feminine style and colors. It can be anything, for example Scandinavian style, modern, vintage, rustic or shabby chic. Then choose whatever colors they like, ranging from neutrals, pastels or a mix of bold colors. The same goes for shared kids’ rooms, and if you have enough space, create a playroom with a variety of toys they like. Opt for feminine touches like floral textiles, ribbons, glamorous items, and so on.


Boy’s attic bedroom

Boys prefer attic bedrooms with a cool and slightly sporty look. The design of this room is no less amazing than a girls’ room! Choose whatever style is their favorite, the most popular being superhero, modern, seaside, space, or another themed type, or the easiest way is to choose a simpler style such as Scandi and country. Even though it sounds classic, this style is quite comfortable and boys like it. Don’t forget, also add childish touches to enhance their imagination, for example toys, superhero decorations and star pieces.

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