Darker wall colors in a bedroom can be quite a bold choice, however, dark green paint combines deep tones with the soothing and fresh element a green palette brings to the table resulting in a bold yet balanced interior palette.

You can style your dark green bedroom with contrasting lighter textiles, or pair your green walls with dark green curtains to lean into the darker, moody effect.

When you are thinking about adding a dark green bedroom to your own home, this post is for you. Below, you can find a list of the most inspiring dark green bedroom ideas that feature a variety of different dark green wall colors paired with different finishes in the textiles and soft furnishings.

A moody bedroom with dark green walls and warm beige tones

Let’s kick things off with the darkest of the green bedroom ideas on this list, shall we? The dark green bedroom walls contrast against the light architectural features of the space and add depth to the setting.

The beige and brown tones in the curtains, throw pillows and blanket make the room feel like a warm and cozy retreat at the same time, a balance perfectly achieved by the interior designer of this apartment.

Styled by Bon Interior, photographed by Mariah Salander for Bjurfors

A darker shade of olive green in a turn-of-the-century bedroom

The dark olive green walls in this bedroom enhance the interior design of the space and accentuate the ornate historic detailing in the room’s architecture. The elegant paint color on the wall is paired with a beige throw pillow mix, an off-white linen headboard, and a lovely texture on the beige blanket on the bed.

The subtle black and white art print and the simple black wall lights add a bit of contrast to the green bedroom design and the green branch on the bedside table brings out the fresh element the paint color adds.

A dark olive green wall color in a bedroom with white crown molding

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Fredrik J Karlsson for sale via Alvhem

A green bedroom color with yellow undertones paired with dark tones in the decor

The yellow undertones in this green paint have a warming effect on the design of the space, while also adding a fresh element to the interior. The black details on the bedside table, art prints, light fixtures, and textiles add a beautiful contrast to the setting and the white textiles add a lighter touch to the color palette.

via Bjurfors

A dark green-grey wall color paired with beige bedsheets in a rattan lamp

With walls this dark, you can almost compare it with a dark grey or black bedroom, however, the green tones add just a bit more sophistication to the setting. The green-grey wall paint in this bedroom contrasts nicely with the white-soaped hardwood flooring and with the white ceilings.

The grey curtains and the dark wall art above the bed enhance the darker tones in the room, while the beige bedding and the natural rattan pendant light create a natural decor balance in the bedroom interior.

A dark green-grey bedroom wall color and grey curtains

via Stadshem

White furniture and curtains stand out in a dark green bedroom

The white fabric curtains and the white sideboard stand out against the dark green paint color in this bedroom in a powerful way. The pink, brown, and orange tones in the artwork, bedding, and the cozy rug by the end of the bed create a warm and inviting setting and the green plants bring out the fresh undertones in the green paint.

Styling by Nouvel Interior, photographed by Alen Cordic for Bjurfors

An accent dark green bedroom wall behind the bed

Whether you want to paint your whole bedroom green or rather work with an accent wall, a dark green color will always make an impressive effect. In this cozy bedroom, a dark green accent wall is paired with white paint for a more modest effect.

The black lamps above the bed add a darker tone to the setting, while the fresh green plants bring out the green in the wall.

Green bedrooms created with a feature wall are a bit easier to try out for those of you who are unsure or change your mind easily about a new paint color.

via Stadshem

Cream, white, and beige shades finish a gorgeous green bedroom

The green shade used in this gorgeous space with warm hardwood flooring is paired with cream colors in the white bedding, the feather lamp, and the decor pieces for a high contrast look finished off with bright white curtains.

A bedroom with a deep green wall color combined wtih beige bedding, a light grey area rug and a white Umage eos lampshade

via Stadshem

A dark olive tone paired with brown, grey, and white

The earthy tones in the accessories and curtains enhance the beautiful olive tone in the room. The striped bedsheets create a playful look and the white antique furniture piece enhances the white flooring in the room and matches the bed frame.

An olive green bedroom with white floors, brown curtains and striped bedding

Styling by Linnéa H. Manaberi, photography by Henrik Linden for Alvhem

A partial dark green color to separate a sleeping area in a studio apartment

In this studio apartment, a feature wall in a dark green tone separates the sleeping area from the rest of the small space. Painting a part of the space in a different color is a great way to divide a studio apartment and working with a darker shade makes this effect even better.

via Stadshem

A dramatic effect in a small bedroom

When you look for inspiration and advice on how to design a small room, you will usually get the recommendation to use lighter paint colors. A darker green color in a small bedroom like this one will have a unique effect especially because of the small surface, where the floor plan will enhance the dramatic effect of the color in the space.

A dark shade like this, however, can work in small rooms that get ample natural light. If you are working with a small and dark bedroom floor plan, it might be better to opt for a lighter shade.

A small dark green bedroom with white bedding

via Stadshem

Fresh dark green bedroom walls paired with dark grey textiles and gold accents

The clean lines of this modern bedroom are accentuated by the gorgeous fresh dark green room color. The sheer dark grey curtains and the dark grey bedding pair nicely with the dark photograph above the bed.

The white fabric pendant light and the white bedside tables lighten up the color palette and the bright table lamp paired with the gold wall lamps above the bed finish the look of this green bedroom nicely.

Styling by Anna Mårselius, photography by Ragnar Ómarsson for JM, via Hitta Hem

A bed in between two walk-in closets in a historic dark green bedroom

This is my personal favorite of the dark green bedrooms on the list, as the deep dark green color on the wall in this dream home accentuates the ornate crown molding on the ceiling and the beautiful white historic doors that are located on either side of the bed in this green bedroom.

The deep green paint is paired with a mixture of light grey and beige bedding and an off-white area rug at the end of the bed. The black and white art print and the white pendant light seem to jump out of the background created by the dark green bedroom wall.

Styling by Grey Deco, photographed by Jonas Berg for Stadshem

Green-grey on the walls and ceilings in this bedroom with an asymmetrical floor plan

This grey-green bedroom has wall paint on the walls, ceilings, crown molding, baseboards, and window frames, which has a very dramatic effect on the space. The uniform color balances out the many angles in the asymmetrical floor plan and makes the decor and furniture pieces stand out.

The beige upholstered headboard paired with the beige bedding and black office desk complement the green bedroom nicely and the green plant by the window brings out the green undertones in the wall paint in a nice way.

A green-grey wall color in a bedroom with a n asymetric floor plan

via Alvhem

A monochromatic dark green bedroom where every surface is painted

The dark green paint color is used not only on the bedroom walls but also on the doors of the built-in wardrobe and on the wall shelving for an integrated effect in the space.

Against these dark green walls, the antique wood bedside table, beige upholstered headboard, and the antique books stand out in a powerful way.

A dark green wall color on the bedroom walls, closet doors and wall shelving

Styled by Van Keppel, photographed by Ozollapa for Historiska Hem

A darker tone of sage-green and wood elements for a natural bedroom look

Sage green bedrooms are typically painted in a lighter shade, however, a darker sage green bedroom like the one on these bedroom walls can add more depth to the room.

This perfect color green on the walls is paired with pine wood bedside tables on the lower half of the walls and a custom shelf above the bed. These wood tones paired with the white and natural bedding and the darker hues in the accessories create a beautiful setting for this small bedroom design.

A deep sage green wall color in a bedroom decorated with white and natural elements

Styled by Living Deco, photographed by Jonas Berg for Stadshem

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