A kitchen with a luxurious appearance is always the dream of many people, especially if your kitchen is made from marble, which has always been a classic material of all time. However, not everyone is lucky to be able to buy marble because the price is relatively expensive, especially since marble is a rather complicated material when applied to a room. The solution is, you need to look for other alternative stones that are no less luxurious but have a more attractive appearance.

Have you ever heard of felt materials in interior design? If not, in this post we will learn more about terrazzo, and how to apply it to your interior style. Terrazzo is easy to apply to any room, for example the bathroom, living room, or even the kitchen because it has a beautiful pattern. The use of felt in the kitchen will not only spoil your eyes but also add a bold and edgy impression to the room. Interested in adding terrazzo to your kitchen? Below we have collected some ideas to inspire you!


Get to know terrazzo for interiors

Terrazzo is a vintage material that is timeless. Generally consists of a mixture of various materials, such as marble, glass, cement and resin. This material began to develop rapidly from the 15th century until it is popular today, it is even claimed that terrazzo was first made 500 years ago in Italy. What was once considered a cost-effective alternative to marble, terrazzo has now developed into a versatile material that is widely sought after in contemporary residential applications.


Terrazzo ideas for bathrooms

Basically there are no rules on how you should use terrazzo in the kitchen, so anything can be used. If you want to add a bold touch, unique patterns, and lots of color, you can choose bright types and patterns of terrazzo. Meanwhile, for those who like a neutral kitchen, there are many terrazzo choices that come in many colors and patterns. Terrazzo is made from natural materials so there will be slight differences in veins, colors and patterns. Just a tip, terrazzo works great on most tiles, wood and MDF, or stone, just use a color that matches your room.


Terrazzo kitchen floor

Covering the floor in terrazzo is the most popular idea because this material is great, durable, and can be extended onto the walls for a bolder look. Terrazzo is also a material that is resistant to heat, UV light, water and natural elements, making it suitable as a layer for kitchen floors that are often exposed to dirt when cooking. In addition, this material is processed using vacuum and vibration resulting in a very compact and durable material that is able to withstand foot traffic on it.


Terrazzo kitchen walls

Accent the countertop or kitchen backsplash with terrazzo, it will look very attractive and you can pair it with the surrounding neutral tiles to make it stand out. You can also add accent walls around the kitchen cabinets to accentuate this space. Another idea, consider flooring using terrazzo material as an extension of the wall appearance.

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