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When decorating a garden there are many things to consider including the garden layout, furniture, and who is using the space. If you happen to be a cat lover and like to invite your cat to play outside, then this is the right time to change your garden to be cat-friendly. Just like us, your pets also need fresh air, relaxing areas and outdoor play time. Building a cat-friendly garden may sound like a lot of work, but it’s actually quite easy for anyone to do.

The garden or outdoor area must be able to be enjoyed by everyone who is there. Besides yourself, your family and pets will also appear there, and you also have to create a fun zone for everyone. This post is dedicated to designing a garden that your furry friend will love, here are cat-friendly garden ideas that you should have at home. Please scroll down and get inspired!

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Cat-friendly garden plants

Not much different from designing a park in general, make a park that is safe and attractive for everyone. Add cat-friendly settings for sitting, hiding, playing, or napping. A dust or litter patch is a good start, allowing your cat to dust bathe during warm weather. Likewise, grassy areas can be a cool place to sit, and a safe surface for scratching.

Choosing the right plants will also make your garden cat-friendly. This type of plant is tall, elongated, and has leaves to provide plenty of protection from the sun as well as a good hiding place for cats. Plants with dangling leaves and branches can be kept in large pots, spaced so that cats can make paths between them. Maidenhair ferns, spider plants, areca palms, and horsetail palms will create movement and texture that appeals to wandering cats.

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Cat relaxing area

Even though they love being outside, cats are pets that spend their time napping. To support their comfort, create a garden arrangement including rocks, tables, support posts, statues, birdbaths, tree stumps, and support posts that can serve as platforms for cats to reach the height above the ground that they like. Rocky corners and alcoves are sturdy shelters for cats. The reason is, cats prefer angles that leave them less exposed to surprise attacks or attacks from above, so create a structure with height and depth, so your cat can retreat as far away from the threat as possible.

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Make a barrier in the garden

If you grow vegetables or herbs in the garden, protect your space from cat claws, urine, and feces by installing barriers, such as chicken wire. This is also a great way to fence off your gardening area from pests such as mice, rabbits, moles and birds. Maybe another idea is to help your cat create a secluded dead zone around the garden where the cat can relieve itself and declare its territory. Bury a small amount of dirty litter in the location as a scent marker and ensure adequate protection and privacy so your cat feels safe. If you maintain a birdbath in your garden, make sure the area is clear of leaves that could be used as shelter. Bird feeders should be placed high and away from platforms that may be used as cat access points, perhaps with deterrent plants nearby.

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