16 Marble countertop ideas to give your kitchen a luxurious appearance

Marble countertops have been growing increasingly popular for more than a decade. From polished to honed marble, these natural stones are the perfect material for all kinds of countertops, providing an air of luxury and sophistication to any room.

However, it’s important to remember that this is a porous material made of calcium carbonate, meaning that a splash of lemon juice, a stain from red wine, or even hot pots, can etch marble and mar its natural beauty. Be sure to use cutting boards to avoid scratching and clean any messes quickly to prevent stains.

If you’re looking for your next marble countertop idea, continue reading below for 16 of the most inspiring marble kitchen ideas to help you unlock your inner interior designer.

Stunning Black and White Marble Kitchen Countertops With Beige Cabinets

The unique veining of this marble surface draws the eye and serves as the sole source of visual texture here. By pairing this stunning veined design with smooth beige cabinetry, the marble is allowed to be the center of attention. The continuation of the marble through the built-in sink and around the knobs to the cooktop creates a cohesive design.

An impressive marble countertop and backsplash comes back on the stove for an impressive effect in an off-white kitchen

via Nordiska Kök

Understated Marble Countertops Paired With a Black and Brown Palette

This white marble countertop provides a wonderful contrast to this sea of black and brown tones. The brassy finish of the hardware and the island countertop helps to tie everything together while letting the natural beauty of the countertop and matching sink stand out. Mixing countertop materials is the perfect way to ensure this classic material shines.

White marble countertops stand out in a kitchen with warm beige walls and black cabinets

via DeVol kitchens

Subtle White Marble Countertops in a Sage Green Space

This simple Carrara marble countertop is the perfect elegant touch to this sage-green kitchen space. The white marble with discrete gray veins is a much more low-key approach to kitchen design than colored marble or more bold granite countertops. Additionally, the honed finish can help protect against stains more than the more common polished finish.

A sage green kitchen with white honed carrara marble countertops and stainless steel hardware

Photographed by Lisa Wikstrand, styled by Helen Sturesson for Kulladal

A Tall Marble Backsplash in an Earthy Kitchen Design

This white marble countertop extends upward to meet the bottom of the cabinetry, creating a focal point centered on the elegant black oven. The large marble slab adds just enough luxury to the kitchen without becoming overwhelming while paired with the sage green cabinetry and black appliances. The intricate detailing on the crown molding and the unique light fixture enhance the effect.

A classic green kitchen with white marble countertops and elegant brass hardware

via Nordiska Kök

Lightly Gray Veined Marble Countertops With Two-Tone Blue Cabinets

Where granite countertops and stone slabs would likely seem out of place in this simple kitchen, this gray-toned marble countertop is the ideal fit. The two slightly different shades of blue used on the cabinets both have a gray undertone that is drawn out by the stainless steel appliances and hardware, something that is accented perfectly by the honed marble countertop.

A light blue kitchen with white marble countertops

via Funkiskök

Boldly Veined Marble Countertops in an Olive Green Kitchen

This marble kitchen is full of natural material choices and classic colors, resulting in a design that is both traditional and contemporary. The checkered white marble kitchen floor ties in wonderfully to the countertops, with the marble continuing up the wall as a backsplash and turning into a shelf for easy decor space. Bronze hardware and picture frames pair well with the olive-green coloring of the walls and cabinets.

An olive-green kitchen with white viola marble countertops, backsplash and sink, paired with brass details

via DeVol kitchens

Brown-Toned Marble Countertops With Bold Blue Cabinets

This marble countertop idea takes dark marble with a natural stone pattern and puts it against dark blue cabinetry for a bold look. The polished surface of the marble creates a sleek, chic appearance that extends to the kitchen as a whole and is enhanced by the brushed nickel hardware. Additionally, the matte finish on the cabinet doors helps the marble shine while still making a dramatic statement.

A dark blue kitchen with stainless steel hardware and dark brown marble countertops

via Specialisten

A Marble Countertop With Brown Veining Patterns and Wood Cabinets

This natural stone pattern is the perfect addition to this kitchen, echoing the natural, rustic feel created by the wood. The gold cabinet hardware, sink, faucet, and other accessories pop with this unique marble kitchen countertop as a background. By continuing the material onto the kitchen island, the luxurious nature of the room is amplified.

A dark wood kitchen with gold hardware and a brown marble countertop with impressive veining

via Nordiska Kök

A Green Marble Countertop Paired With Gold Hardware

Green marble kitchen countertops are among the less common marble colors, making it an instantly unique kitchen design. Small shelves made of marble matching the main slab create easy access to some of the most used items in the kitchen.

The polished gold hardware pairs beautifully with the emerald tone of the marble, and the white subway tile along the wall serves to create a timeless backdrop for these elements.

A light grey kitchen with gold hardware and a green marble countertop

via Historiska Hem

Bold Floor-to-Ceiling Marble With Wooden Cabinetry

Fully embrace marble in your kitchen with this incredible floor-to-ceiling design. This marble slab goes beyond the confines of a traditional backsplash to cover every square foot of the wall above the sink. Warm wood and other materials help to provide contrast and break up the marble where needed.

A dark wood kitchen with a green marble countertop and backsplash

via Nordiska Kök

Slate Gray Marble Counters in a Gray and Tan Kitchen

This gray kitchen with a tan dining area uses a solid marble slab as a backsplash behind the oven, creating a focal point in the cooking area. The marble has subtle brown-toned veins that tie in well to the brown accents on the counter space as well as the dining table and flooring.

Additionally, the mix of gold, black, and silver hardware provides another element of sophistication to the space.

A light grey kitchen with grey marble countertops with brown veining

Styled by Mia Laaksonen, photographed by Henrik Linden for Alvhem

An All-White Kitchen With Gray Countertops and a Dark Wood Floor

This bright white kitchen uses a similar design to a previous example, placing a solid marble slab behind the sink, covering the entirety of the wall. The gray marble countertop in this white space creates a vaguely monochrome palette that is clean, relaxing, and peaceful. The built-in shelves made of matching marble provide seamless storage for commonly accessed items.

A white attic kitchen with a grey countertop that continues on an impressive backsplash

Designed by WTP studios, kitchen by Nordiska Kök, photography by Kristofer Johnsson

Sleek, Polished Marble Countertops With a Waterfall Edge

Large marble slabs and simple, yet uniquely designed, bar stools are the main conversation starters of this kitchen. Polished marble dominates every surface, showcasing the one-of-a-kind nature of the marble with a tall backsplash and a waterfall edge. The herringbone floor provides an extra level of elegance and sophistication to the kitchen.

An off-white kitchen with marble countertops with a waterfall edge

via Nordiska Kök

Black Marble Countertops in a Neutral Colored, Contemporary Kitchen

This one-wall layout uses a simplistic, neutral palette to create a contemporary kitchen style that is sure to stand the test of time. By using a black marble countertop, a sense of depth is added to the kitchen created by the contrast it has with the gray paint. The use of natural wood elsewhere results in a mild rustic air that makes you feel welcome.

A light grey kitchen with black marble countertops for a mix of classic and contemporary

Styled by Grey Deco, photographed by Henrik Linden for Alvhem

A Black Marble Countertop in a Monochrome Kitchen

This compact kitchen is a simple, vaguely minimalist, monochrome design with a black marble countertop flecked with bits of white. Using the same paint color on the walls as well as the cabinet doors results in a seamless style that’s very understated. The raw wood shelf along with the wooden cutting boards and small plants bring an earthly touch to the kitchen.

A kitchen with light grey cabinets, black marble countertops, chrome hardware, stainless steel hood, black wall lamp

via Entrance Makleri

Polished Black Marble Slabs With a Matching Kitchen Island

For the final example in our list of marble countertop ideas, we have another black marble design. This example includes a kitchen island and an upper shelving unit with off-white, gray-toned paint. The wood elements and small plants serve the same purpose here, however, this design also incorporates a stone mortar and pestle along with a granite tray to provide an additional luxurious touch.

A kitchen with white cabinets with integrated handles, black marble countertops, narrow kitchen island

via Entrance Makleri

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