Living outdoors is the dream of many people who are tired of city life, especially if you live in an apartment without an outdoor area. Meanwhile, for those of you who are fortunate to live in a comfortable residence, no matter how small the outdoor space you have, adding a green retreat will make you more relaxed and enjoy it. A small backyard is something that can be a challenge in itself. But don’t worry, you can still decorate it in a very stylish way to create your own dream retreat.

We believe that even the smallest room can be arranged in a way that makes it functional and more enjoyable to live in. In fact, creating a backyard paradise, expanding your living room, or throwing a small party outside can make your quality of life much more enjoyable. The less outdoor space you have, the easier it will be, and these ideas will prove it to you. Find out more ways to turn your small backyard into a patio, small garden, or outdoor relaxing area. Let’s see!


Small backyard garden

A small backyard can be turned into a secret garden or your own private zone. Decorate your backyard garden with whatever style and theme you want, from rustic, classic, to tropical garden style that is like a holiday. Before you start, first know how much space you have and what types of plants can withstand the climate conditions and amount of sunlight your plants will get. Once you feel confident, then go and create the green oasis and little paradise you want. In addition to various types of plants and trees, you can also add several sets of comfortable chairs, tables and benches. Don’t forget, decorate your landscape with rocks, water features, and maybe a little outdoor lighting that will liven up the atmosphere.


Outdoor living room design

When you want to create an outdoor living room, there are several things you have to consider. Basically an outdoor living room can be made in many styles, such as modern, farmhouse, boho, contemporary, Scandinavian, and many others. You can choose whatever you like depending on your outdoor concept and style. The color is also up to you and the style you previously chose. There are no limitations because even if outdoor spaces are small, they will look big as they blend into the surrounding landscape.


Cozy backyard living

Create the backyard life you want. Decide whether it will be a room with a roof or a completely open one, but since it is outdoor it is best to stick with a roof, umbrella or pergola. Apart from protecting you from the hot sun, the use of a roof or upholstery fabric creates an aesthetic appearance. Then create the layout, add furniture such as chairs, sofas, tables, hammocks, maybe lounge chairs. Some accessories such as coffee tables, rugs, lanterns, string lights, table lamps, and fireplaces will help you add coziness to the room and make it feel like an indoor living room.

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