wall mounted dining table lamps

wall mounted dining table lamps

Everyone has lights over their dining tables and I’m guessing they’re mostly pendant lights. Maybe a few people have recessed lighting or ceiling lights but there is another way to light your dining table area which looks so stylish. That is what todays little decor idea is about — use a wall mounted swing arm lamp.

Swing arm wall lights not only look great but they’re very practical too as you can move the light to exactly where you need it. Also, it’s not always possible to have a ceiling light — maybe you’re renting or you have super tall ceilings — enter the swing arm lamp which is an ideal alternative. Having said that, in the right setting, it can work better than a ceiling light even if you can have one. As we all know, feature lighting is essential for so many reasons but especially because it has the ability to transform a room even if you do nothing else and this is a great example creating a feature with your light.

My ‘little decor ideas’ series is all about simple design details like this that can make a home feel design led and cohesive. It’s about adding small decor touches that can transform a room, just like this idea. With that in mind, I’ve found some of the best wall mounted dining table lamps that work especially well over a dining table and as always, I’ve tried to find options for various budgets.

11 best wall mounted dining table lamps

swing arm wall lamps

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A small swing arm light works best over a small dining table of any shape but especially a round one. But if you have a larger and longer table you can have two lights ideally placed behind the longer side of the table or you can go for one lamp with a long arm. Also consider is the length of the arm — the longer the arm, the more dramatic the light looks as you can see from some of the pictures below. Some lights are more flexible (or movable) than others so it’s worth thin king about what you need before getting one.

wall mounted dining table light swing arm dining table light long swing arm wall light Little decor ideas for big impact: an unexpected way to light a dining table swing arm wall lights

These lights look great over a dining table as they’re such an unexpected way to light the table but they also work well with sofas and the smaller versions with arms that are much shorter work well as bedside lights too.

Are you tempted by this lighting idea?

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