Japanese garden concepts are known for their simplicity, minimalism, and lots of natural elements. It usually consists of sand, rocks, plants and water features that create a refreshing oasis. If you have an outdoor space, and happen to like the Japanese garden style then you can add to the appeal with a water feature. One of the highlights of Japanese water features is that they actually feel natural and traditional. You can create any water feature in this style, from fountains, waterfalls, ponds, or even water gardens.

Water features cannot be separated from the Japanese garden style, originally this garden style was created to be a space for meditation and reflection. Various combinations of natural elements, water, and simplicity are what make Japanese gardens the best choice for those of you who like the concept of “back to nature”. Especially if you live in an urban area that often makes you feel tired. Here are some traditional water feature ideas with a Japanese feel to bring your mood and excitement back!


Traditional Waterfall

A waterfall is a water site that is usually attached to a fish pond. For Japanese gardens, a koi pond is a decoration that is believed to bring good luck. Waterfalls will fill your outdoor space with soothing elements thanks to the sound of water falling. The most popular idea is a traditional waterfall with the concept of an artificial or natural river. This waterfall doesn’t look artificial, it even flows from rocks and sand. Another idea, you can combine waterfalls with aquatic plants so you will feel in a forest environment, or add wooden slabs that blend into the Japanese garden landscape.






Traditional Fountain

Fountains are a simple way to add this feature to Japanese garden décor. And traditional fountains feel more refreshing because they use bamboo or wood as a place for water to flow. Japanese fountains are the oldest idea and have become a tradition of Japanese society, use stones, wooden slabs, statues, stone lanterns, and other Japanese-style decorations to enhance your garden.









Traditional Water Garden

Water parks may be a little different from normal water features. This decoration will not give you peace of mind thanks to the sound of the water but will spoil your eyes with refreshing green tones. Traditional water gardens have always been synonymous with Japanese garden styles, featuring clean lines, mini landscapes, to unique rock arrangements. This idea is very simple because you only need to realize your own imagination about Japanese garden design.







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