Discover Great Dane House: a new, immersive design stay by Melbourne retailer Great Dane Furniture embedded in the Moona trees and sand dunes of Point Lonsdale, Victoria.

When Great Dane Furniture founder Anton Assad set his eyes on a ‘hidden gem’ in the coastal town of Point Lonsdale, he knew he could create something special. The purveyor of Scandinavian design wanted to design a ‘haven’ where he could express Great Dane’s philosophy, shaped by the furniture, objects and lighting he’d collected over the past 21 years. Cue the Great Dane House; a home away from home, where every detail has been thoughtfully considered to cultivate warmth, character and texture.

It took Anton just one visit to the Point Lonsdale home to see its potential. Describing the home as an ‘untouched tree house’, he connected with its sense of seclusion among the Moona forest and sand dunes, just a five-minute walk from the beach. Not only did he see an opportunity to fill each space with handcrafted furniture and lighting, but the essence of Scandinavian living. 

Patinated and natural materials set the tone, such as the brick flooring, the brass kitchen island, and the painted timber flooring. At the same time, the enveloping blue walls nod to the home’s coastal context. Adjacent to the open kitchen and dining area, the living space is arranged around a Belgian fireplace, layered with pieces such as a vintage Borg Mogensen 2213 sofa, a Flag Halyard chair by Hans Wegner and Persian rugs. Here, every object has a story – from the vintage Japanese ceramics to the Ittala glassware and the Palmgrens leather box. Beyond the furnishings, a European sensibility is reflected in the bathroom fixtures designed by Arne Jacobsen and the bathtub by Patricia Urquiola.

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Trizo21 Austere Floor Light

The PP Møbler Flag Halyard chair by Hans J. Wegner and Trizo21 Austere floor light.

Upstairs, the main suite features a Swedish HÄSTENS bed with custom Gemla bedhead and Bedouin SOCIETE bed linen; the first Airbnb in Australia to offer a chance to experience the luxurious quality of a HÄSTENS bed. 

This sense of comfort underpins the interiors, offering guests the chance to get away from it all, to a place that feels like returning home. Taking his passion for Scandinavian craftsmanship to every corner of the Great Dane House, Anton has made way for a unique design experience in Victoria’s Point Lonsdale. 

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