Kids rooms should be filled with color and joy. Apart from adding color to wall paint and furniture, striped accents never go out of style. It’s a bold statement in an interior while also being a wonderful way to add structure to a space, but also used to add drama, provide energy, or even a little chaos. Use stripes in the right proportions and orientation, and they will create the illusion of more space in a kids room.

There are various easy ways to apply stripes to children’s rooms, you can start by mixing and matching stripes in width, depth, color and texture. The most popular idea is to keep things clean with a classic two-tone thin stripe approach. Below we’ve rounded up kids’ room ideas with stripes in a variety of ways to create an inspiring, standout space. Please scroll down and maybe one of them will surprise you!


Striped wall

Want to change the look of your children’s room? Striped walls are the easiest way you can do, such as painting walls or adding striped themed wallpaper. The use of striped motifs on the walls is very effective so that the room is no longer monotonous, they are truly simple, but also visually attractive. Adding this pattern to the bedroom walls will give a lot of energy, ranging from horizontal, vertical, or even in a zig-zag shape, this pattern will increase your little one’s interest when they want to be active. In addition, stripes look stunning whether they are thick, thin, or extending from the wall to the ceiling.


Striped furniture

Apart from focusing on striped walls, there are new ways to introduce this pattern into kids rooms. Who would have thought that furniture with striped patterns would actually look impressive, even enhancing the appearance of children’s wardrobes which have often been neglected. If you add stripes to the furniture, try to contrast with the wall color scheme. For example, a wall in a neutral color like white or gray looks minimalist with striped furniture, or combine it with one of the striped walls to add an accent and make the room feel more unique.


Striped accessories

By design, lines are usually uniform and governed by straight lines that create constancy and clear boundaries. However, there are no such limitations when you want to apply it to a children’s room. If you want a smoother look, add this pattern to children’s room accessories such as blankets, bedding sets, carpets, wall hangings, toys, and any items with striped patterns. This is the simplest way and is more budget-friendly but will make a big difference to the children’s room.

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