Most of us have probably played with Lego, so it’s no surprise that Lego is the most popular and memorable toy of all time. Lego was first manufactured around 1947, and its limited construction system inspires many people to create new DIY projects to this day. It cannot be denied, Lego is a phenomenon that a person can never get rid of, at least until they grow up and still have an interest in Lego that has now reached a new level. This is not limited to making one real Lego structure, but the design is now mainstream with Lego inspiring home furnishings.

There are lots of DIY Lego project ideas that transform furniture into something more fun. We are sure that you will be amazed by Lego storage systems, Lego beds, coffee tables and even console tables, other furniture items such as wardrobes, wall displays, or even wooden Lego as a stylish wall shelf. Lego also allows children to explore their creative potential and this theme is worthy of being an inspiration for household furniture.


Lego storage ideas

Were you a fan of Lego as a child, or have children who love it now? If your answer is yes, try adding Lego-inspired storage ideas. A variety of storage systems can be converted into Lego form, for example Lego wall storage, toy boxes, tables with storage, console tables, wardrobes, and many more. There are lots of Lego storage ideas available in sizes and colors that are easy to match your needs, so you can find something to suit your room.


Lego inspired furniture

Lego furniture allows you to design your space with complete freedom, rearrange it and personalize the decoration according to your wishes and needs. That’s why this furniture idea is so popular because its shape and color remind us of Lego toys. Lego materials can be made from any material, ranging from molded plastic, wood, or even a combination of both. A lightweight and modular furniture system that can blend with any interior style, the system is based on a single component that users can attach to other components. Like Lego toys, this furniture collection can be made into various shapes. From seats, storage boxes, tables, or whatever suits your taste.

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