The color blue evokes images of the ocean and a beautiful sky full of fluffy white clouds on a warm spring day. When it comes to using light blue for kitchen cabinets, the possibilities are endless.

Designing blue kitchens can make this important part of your home look and feel fresh, invigorated, and inviting while providing your home with a subtle and cool effect.

If you need some new design inspiration, read on for a list of the most inspiring light blue kitchen cabinet ideas that’ll get you excited about making changes to your home. These beautiful spaces showcase just why this luscious color is a perfect choice to create a subtle and cool effect that makes any kitchen look and feel fresh and more vibrant.

Add Darker Hardware to Make Blue Cabinets Pop

These slate blue cabinets do a great job of making this kitchen look airy and fresh. Adding black and silver hardware to the cabinets and drawers makes the beautiful blue hue on the cabinets stand out even more.

A large black range hood also helps to tie it all together, creating a modern kitchen design with a perfect splash of blue. The white marble countertops and the chrome tab add a modern look and feel to this fresh kitchen space.

A modern light blue kitchen with black accents

via Alvhem

Use Blue to Liven up a Small Space

Although this space is a small galley-style kitchen, the pastel blue cabinets help to give it a light, airy feel. Rather than choosing a darker shade like navy blue cabinets, these light blue cabinets do wonders to bring the kitchen a brighter and more open vibe.

White marble countertops and white wall paint also help to make it feel much larger while complementing the lighter tone of the hardwood floors. The blue porcelain pieces on the open shelving underneath the window complement the blue cabinets perfectly.

A light blue galley kitchen with brass hardware and white marble countertops

via Reform CPH

Pastel Blue Creates a Retro Feel

Different shades of blue, like the pale blue cabinets shown here, can help to give a kitchen of any age a charming retro-inspired feel. Simple white counters and a white farmhouse sink make this cooking space design a timeless choice.

Although this is a small kitchen, the gold hardware and ultra-light blue kitchen cabinetry make it look cheery and playful with a vintage twist.

a retro kitchen in pastel blue with brass hardware

via Plum Living

Incorporate Blue with Gray Undertones

While these cabinets are a beautiful shade of blue, they have subtle undertones of gray for a modern effect. Sleek silver drawer pulls and cabinet handles elevate the look of this stylish kitchen renovation.

Stainless steel appliances and white countertops with a bit of marbled gray tie everything together beautifully. Note that the upper light blue kitchen cabinets are a few shades lighter than the lower ones for a subtle two-toned effect.

A light blue kitchen with chrome hardware and a vintage dining table

via Funkiskok

Design a Blue Kitchen for a Stunning Statement

The light blue cabinetry in this kitchen goes from ceiling to floor, helping the design exude a bold, dramatic statement. Splashes of white from the pendant lights and table blend well with the marbled countertops and backsplash.

Although this kitchen has light brown wood floors, the baseboards are also painted the same shade of blue for a beautiful cohesive look.

A modern floor-to-ceiling kitchen with light blue cabinets and a marble countertop

via Alexander White

Incorporate Different Shades of Blue

This gorgeous blue kitchen design proves you can incorporate blue cabinets without sacrificing modern style. The wall color is a lighter blue than the cabinets, and the kitchen island is painted in a deep, dark shade of teal.

Combining varying shades of blue in this space helps each component pair beautifully together, producing a multidimensional look with a distinctively modern aesthetic.

Light blue kitchen cabinets paired with a teal kitchen island

via Kitchen and Beyond

Add Blue to Different Elements

The sky blue color in this kitchen helps it to evoke a cheerful, lighthearted look. Not only did the designer add blue kitchen cabinets and shelves, but they also chose blue for the charming subway tile backsplash.

Light blue always goes well with bolder, contrasting dark colors like black as you can see here on the countertop, sink faucet, and hardware.

Light blue kitchen cabinets paired with a blue subway tile backsplash, black countertops and black hardware

via Plum Living

Gold and Blue: The Perfect Combo

The gold accents in this kitchen go beautifully with the light blue cabinets, although gold also looks stunning with all shades of blue cabinets as well. The use of metallic gold hardware helps it stand out dramatically against the light blue kitchen cabinets in this space.

Subtle, natural elements like the wood herringbone floors and medium brown wood mid-century modern dining furniture ground the space to help keep it from looking too glam. The height of the kitchen cabinetry makes the implementation of the light blues even more impressive.

A floor to ceiling light blue kitchen with gold hardware and white marble countertops

via Kvänum

Use Light Blue Cabinets as an Accent Only

For this design, only one section of the kitchen cabinets is painted blue for a delightfully sweet shade-inspired touch. A high-end oven and luxurious quartz countertops lend this cooking space a luxe, refined look.

Oversized dental molding in the kitchen adds drama, while a simple wall shelf replaces upper cabinets to help keep the kitchen open and airy.

A pale blue kitchen against off-white walls

via DeVOL Kitchens

Blend Blue Into Different Rooms

Navy blue walls in the adjoining room lead the way into this gorgeous kitchen boasting a slightly lighter shade of blue cabinets for a fun, two-toned effect. Blending two different blue shades creates a cohesive color story and gives this home a seamless transition from one room to the next.

Large windows invite lots of natural light into this home, and the gorgeous whitewashed wood floors and white backsplash keep everything light and bright.

A light blue farmhouse kitchen with a light grey dining table and chairs

via Behrer & Partners

Add Blue Cabinetry to Ground a Room

This room design is more like a casual bar area than a formal kitchen, but the beautiful blue cabinetry looks stunning against the neutral wall. Although there’s plenty of tan and brown in this design, adding a bolt of blue makes it feel modern and fresh.

A tall fiddle leaf fern in the corner is a nice touch that incorporates a natural element into the space, and a trio of modern wall sconce lights brings the modern design together. The countertop has the same color as the blue kitchen cabinets for a tone-on-tone look.

A light blue kitchen against beige walls

via Reform CPH

Mix and Match Cabinet Colors

While the lower cabinets in this kitchen are a beautiful shade of blue, the upper cabinets are featured in a warm, natural wood tone. This design demonstrates that a kitchen with blue cabinets doesn’t have to encompass all of them.

Using bright red for the pendant light and accent table helps to make this two-toned kitchen pop for a fun, modern touch.

A modern two-tone kitchen with blue and dark wood kitchen cabinets, red accents

via Plum Living

Paint Cabinets Blue for a Fresh Yet Timeless Look

Painting your kitchen cabinets blue is an easy way to turn an all-white kitchen into a fresh, modern space while leaving some timeless elements intact. The stainless steel oven works well with the brushed silver moon-shaped drawer pills and small silver cabinet knobs for a sense of cohesion.

A classic white subway tile backsplash and beautiful beige limestone countertops contribute to its versatile, timeless design where warm and cool tones are joined together.

Pale blue kitchen cabinets paired with beige limestone countertops, stainless steel appliances and a white subway tile backsplash

via Fantastic Frank

Try Lighter Blue Cabinets for a Cool Kitchen Remodel

These light blue cabinets and the matching wall color give this kitchen remodel a fresh, cheerful update. Making a simple change like updating the cabinet color is an easy way to incorporate new kitchen designs without breaking the bank.

White trim, molding, and flooring keep everything light, which works well in both large and small spaces alike.

A light blue kitchen paired with light blue walls

via Alvhem

Add a Bold Color to Make Blue Cabinets Pop

Although the walls and cabinets are a beautiful light blue color, the addition of a lively green on accents gives this kitchen a fun, dramatic effect. The arched door trim and support post feature a funky green hue that helps the light blue cabinets stand out in the space.

Open shelving creates a place for easy storage and display, and the homeowner chose colorful accessories to tie the fun, playful, and colorful design together.

Light blue kitchen cabinets, white countertops and color blocks

via Plum Living

Keep the Wall Color Neutral

A butterscotch-colored wall provides a versatile, neutral background for the vibrant blue kitchen cabinets in this room. Flat panel cabinets help to prevent the space from feeling too overdone.

Stainless steel appliances and countertops add a modern edge, while the light brown hardwood floors bring everything back down to earth.

A ligt blue kitchen with beige walls and a pop of red

via Frøpt

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