Easter is just around the corner! And if you’re looking for fresh ideas or bored with the same old, familiar colors and decorations, why not try bringing more serenity with neutral Easter decorations this year? Like previous years’ celebrations, Easter is one of the most awaited holidays every year to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Of course, this is an important moment for Christians which depicts victory over sin and death and the hope of eternal life.

Although pastel colors usually always attract attention at Easter, a neutral color scheme can also add a refreshing and comfortable touch to your room. Whether you prefer rustic Easter accents or sophisticated simplicity, mixing muted creams and pastels into classic design elements, or keeping it simple with elegant minimalist charm, a neutral color palette will transform your room into a chic yet calming haven.

To help you get inspired, here we’ve rounded up some neutral Easter décor ideas that prove simple can also look amazing!

1. Easter Flower Vase


Even though it is in a simple glass vase, the display of flowers emerging from its slender branches looks very beautiful. Sitting on top of a pile of books and next to a large egg with gold stains, at first glance it gives a charming classic impression.

2. Minimalist Easter Décor


Everything is white with minimalist Easter flower vases, but contrasted with gold rabbits which give a neutral impression. Choose this décor to bring Scandinavian style to the room!

3. Serene Coffee Table


A coffee table with cute and rustic elements come together in this serene Easter decorating idea. These range from white ceramic bunnies, candles in glass jars, cotton flowers in gray vases, and softly colored Easter eggs on muted wooden trays.

4. Rustic Bench


Want to bring minimalist sophistication and rustic appeal to Easter? Try decorating an old wooden bench by placing ceramic flower pots holding wild branches. Complete with gray throw pillows for a little coziness and a wicker basket with large speckled eggs for a subtle Easter-inspired touch.

5. Classic Feel


A black tray contrasts the timeless classic Easter look. There you will find many Easter treasures tucked away, such as porcelain bunnies, pastel eggs in baskets, and fresh spring flowers.

6. Country Supper


Invite your family and friends over for drinks after a hot Easter lunch! Decorate the table in a rustic setting featuring a ceramic pitcher with flowers as well as a glass bowl with Easter eggs, all held together by a runner and matching pillowcases in matching designs.

7. Bunny Wreath


A burlap bunny with an adorable little bow is the center of attention in this decorative Easter wreath. Filled with lush greenery and pure white flowers, place this wreath at the entrance or window of your home.

8. Wooden Wall Shelf


Beautiful wooden wall shelves come alive with a variety of greenery and flowers nestled in glass jars, gold pots and vases. There are also porcelain bunnies that steal the show in this decorating idea, giving the room a soft yet cheerful feel.

9. Knitted Bunny


During the Easter holidays there’s no harm in exercising your creativity. From Easter bunnies to Easter eggs, everything is made using thread and relies solely on handicrafts.

10. Easter Egg Wreath


Decorate your fireplace with a beautiful Easter egg wreath. Flickering candles and greenery beautify the surroundings creating a beautiful backdrop that makes this Easter wreath shine.

11. Country Charm


Inspired by rustic elegance, with a pattern of speckled eggs in a woven basket, small branch portraits in gold frames, white blooms in jars, and round wooden trays.

12. Modern Easter


Easter with neutral colors can also look really modern like in this living room! Neutral-toned throws and pillows encourage cozy moments and lively conversation, while wooden bowls filled with Easter eggs decorate the wooden coffee table, keeping the atmosphere warm and cozy.

13. Rabbit Bowl


Nestled in a weathered gray ceramic bowl, this Easter bunny commands attention among the Easter eggs and flower twigs. Reminds us of a spring day in a field of flowers.

14. Row of Daffodils


Lined up neatly around the spring window! Glass jars with white lilies give you a classic Easter look with an air of fresh spring elegance. Each jar also comes with an Easter egg on the bottom to keep with the theme.

15. Easter Kitchen


The kitchen is where all Easter joy begins. This is the place where you can prepare food, make cakes, and even mix Easter drinks that are your family’s favorite. So, don’t miss out on decorating your Easter kitchen with a beautiful neutral color palette.

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