I must admit Greece was not my first choice for places to visit this summer, but when I saw how many of my friends opted for Corfu, I simply had to find out what the fuss was all about and booked a ticket with Aegean Airlines. After a short and comfortable flight we were greeted with sunny skies, warm air and plenty of smiles to what would become one of my new favorite destinations in Europe.

We spent 8 days here, enough time to both relax and experience plenty of fun adventures and I’m here to tell you exactly what we did and about the many things I loved about the Greek island. Expect to be googling flight fares by the end of this blogpost.

1. Exploring by scooter, car or quadbike

I’m not a great fan of driving cars so I was more than happy to find that there were many options to rent a scooter or a quadbike, both of which I had driven before and knew would be easy for me to explore the island with. Corfu is a fairly mountainous island and roads at times can be narrow, so I felt safer on a scooter. If you’re comfortable driving cars you’ll be pleased to hear that most rental cars are compact and can easily roam the island. Also, after 8 days I must say it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected and next time we go I might even be open to getting a car.

2. Cheap bottled water

This may be a detail but I was so impressed with the fact that absolutely everywhere we went, including the water park and expensive restaurants, still bottled water never cost us more than €0,60. Tap water isn’t drinkable on Corfu, which is probably the reason behind the cheap water policy, but it still is a nice way to save some cash, if you’re on a budget. Or just very thirsty.

3. Renting a boat

A very popular activity on Corfu is to rent a boat and use it to circulate the island, stopping at any number of beaches you wish to explore. Prices start at just €50 for a full day and you don’t need a specific license. Most better hotels will be offering this service, but also at many of the major beaches there are signs everywhere promoting this fun adventure. Just keep your eyes open!

4. A charming old town

I had a lot of fun exploring the ultra charming old town of Corfu. 40.000 of the 200.000 inhabitants of Corfu live here and even though the place is small, it’s brim-filled with cute shops, delicious restaurants and plenty of cultural gems such as an old fortress, some great museums and a great number of historical buildings and monuments. We enjoyed our cultural walking tour with local guide Nikos Kaloudis but there is no shortage of great tours on offer.

two favorites to best explore the old town are this one with Corfu Walking Tours and this foodie tour.

5. Incredible food

Foodwise, I found paradise in Corfu. I had a greek salad each and every day, I loved fresh white bread with Tzaziki and I developed quite the obsession with greek yogurt and honey. And don’t get me started on the fresh seafood I had! It’s tough to find a bad restaurant but some favorites were “Marina’s Tavern”, “Akron” and “Corfu Sailing Club”. Look out for local favorites such as Pastitsada and Bourdeto, if you like meat and fish.

6. Cheap wine

As a major wine lover I couldn’t help but dedicate an entire point to the low cost of wine on the island. I often spent as little as €1,50 for a glass of delicious house wine and €2 seemed to be the average price. What’s not to love?

7. Cooking class at Ambelonas vineyard

Speaking of food – I strongly recommend you look into joining the cooking class at Ambelonas Vineyard, a stunning venue popular for weddings and special events, where owner Vasiliki shares some of her delicious family recipes which seem easy enough to cook and will absolutely blow your taste buds away.

The class precedes a full 4 course dinner where you get to try all of the delicacies you were previously taught to make. It was my favorite meal in our time in Corfu and a cherished memory.

Luckily the they also open for dinner on 4 days a week and if cooking classes aren’t your cup of tea I strongly recommend saving an evening to simply experience the food here as well as their homegrown wine.

8. Shopping galore

If you love a great summer dress, you will find heaven on earth in Corfu. Do yourself a favor and come with an empty suitcase, because you will want to fill it with all your new white and blue dresses – true to Greek colors – many of which you wouldn’t easily find back home. It’s worth shopping around for the best deals before committing to a purchase as prices vary quite widely from one store to the next.

9. Hillside villages

Corfu is very much one big museum and you are well-advised to see as much of it as you can. Head to villages like Lakones or Vatos and simply stroll the narrow streets and alleyways. Photography fans will especially enjoy such walks as there is a pretty picture waiting at every corner. Your instagram stream will rise to a whole new level with these backdrops! Make sure you take a break at one of the many terrace cafes where you can enjoy a nice chilled drink or a meal while overlooking the ocean. Nice perk – you support a community which has been hit hard by the lack of tourism due to Coronavirus.

10. Sunsets are pretty on both sides of the island

When I first realized that I stayed on a side of the island which didn’t get a sunset in the evening I was somewhat disappointed. That is, until In

11. A beach for every taste

Do you love a quiet beach with crystal clear waters and hardly anyone around? Or do you like to party Ibiza-style, snazzy drinks and a pool included? Whatever your preference, Corfu has it all. Due to Corfu’s unique geography, there are endless little and large bays with beautiful, calm beaches, ideal for swimmers and family with young kids. This isn’t the place to come to for waves and surf but if warm, quiet seawater and perfect weather meets your requirements, you’ve come to the right place.

A favorite for many are the beaches in Palaiokastritsa, especially if you value a good restaurant and a stylish crowd with your beach experience. Do you prefer peace and quiet? Dassia is a great choice but als Issos and Agios Georgios and many more.

12. Boat cruise

I previously mentioned the option of renting a boat but if being your own captain is not your cup of tea, definitely look into hopping on one of the many boat cruises which have you explore lots of parts of both Corfu and its little sister island further south called Paxos. We joined Ionian Cruises on a full-day criuse to both Paxos and tiny Antipaxos (another island in the Ionian Sea) and we really had a great time.

Paxis looks like a Hollywood movie set, it is so charming and comes with some excellent restaurants and adorable boutiques. We only had 2 hours here but next time I come to Corfu I’ll be sure to have at least 24 hours on Paxos – it’s worth it!

Other cruises include the Parga and Sivota island tour with BBQ and options to ferry over and experience neighboring Albania.

13. All budgets

I think what really pleasantly surprised me about Corfu, apart from it’s diversity and beauty, was the fact that I felt that one could really enjoy their time here without breaking the bank. Many restaurants make dining on a budget possible but offering a wide range of dishes and prices. Budgeters also will find it easy to book a cheap pension or an airbnb as opposed to dishing out on large holiday complexes.

Corfu is truly something for everyone and I guarantee that most people will fall in the love with the island almost overnight.

I’d like to thank Marketing Greece for inviting us on this gorgeous trip and to Max from Wilde PR for setting it all up for us. We hope to soon be back!