white bedroom with chair nightstand and fiddle fig and vintage rug beside it

Last week I finally hung real curtains in my bedroom for the first time ever! Am I finally an adult?! This tutorial for these DIY curtain rods and brackets is so easy and you can get multiple out of the supplies so they end up being SO affordable! I’m always into the simple and cheap DIYs and this is no exception. I should have made this years ago because my room feels one thousand times more cozy and finished with these hung up! I also got these sheer, linen-esque curtains that were $25 for the pair and I’m loving them!

close up of curtain rod and curtain against white wall


Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions of this tutorial!

sheer curtains over window in bedroom with faux plant in corner
sheer curtains over window in white room
white room with curtains over window, faux plant in window, vintage rug on floor

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