The year is almost up and many have begun thinking about how to make the next one their best one yet.  Those New Years’ resolutions enter our minds and one of those may be to travel more. The thing is, we have now become the social media generation. We sit and we scroll, all day and all night, even though we know this isn’t entirely good for us, both mentally and physically, but we just can’t help it.

The thing is we are constantly bombarded with beautiful imagery, travel bloggers, influencers and anyone in between. This can often make us question our own lives, am I good enough? Am I achieving enough? Why isn’t my life like that? And here lies the problem, our resolution to travel more all of a sudden soon seems so much less significant when you look at how much others are achieving.

‘Person X has been on 6 holidays this year on Instagram, I’m never going to be able to achieve this’ are the thoughts that cross your mind.

Deep down in our brains, we know that Instagram or social media, in general, is not real life, it does not portray that persons day to day life, only a perfectly curated snapshot that they choose to show to the world. Yes, they may be traveling a lot, but you don’t know their background, you don’t know what they do as a job and you don’t know their personal life.

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When we compare ourselves to other people, especially online it more than likely just leads to us getting hurt. Why do we do it?

That resolution you made is genuine, traveling more to you may just be going on a weekend away camping in England, or it may be going for a month to an exotic country. It is personal to you, you know the means that you have to do this, you know the abilities you have and the circumstances you have. So why compare yourself to someone who may be in a completely different situation, it’s not fair on yourself.

The more that we realise this, the healthier our relationship can become with both ourselves and with social media. Whatever steps you take, however you achieve your travels, it is still an incredible achievement. Thank yourself for it, because you worked hard.

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