Every inch of them is perfect from the bottom to the top.

 In association with Plumbline.

Here’s something we’ve discovered that’s got it going on — basins carved from solid marble that consummately encapsulate the honest beauty of an exquisite natural material. By global brand Progetto (exclusively designed and selected by Plumbline, a family-run business based in Pōneke/Wellington that sources and stocks a vast range of bathroomware renowned for being superlative), these Marmo bench-mounted basins in three shapes and four finishes honour the variations in the veining and as such are all unique.
Marble is formed from limestone with the addition in the earth of heat and pressure, yet the result of that immense tension is a material with a grounding, calming quality that’s seen it become highly desirable for interior projects. In these appealingly simple forms, it’ll bring a sense of strength and serenity to your bathroom that you’ll enjoy on sight and when in use. It’s a timeless, durable, everyday luxury — nature’s absolute best.

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