When it comes to home décor many of us are quite particular with the items that we think work best for our decorating style. While wall paneling might seem like something from the past or something from the 1070s, it is making a huge comeback and we are quite excited. The main reason for this being, wall paneling is quite charming, so much so that it adds an extra dose of charm to any room. We share with you exactly how wall paneling helps bring out the charm in all bedrooms.

Whitewash your Panels

Wall Paneling That Brings Charm To Any Room
If you truly want to go the modern route a whitewash paneled kitchen island is the way to go. It unique yet minimal while making a statement on its own.

If you are trying to keep your panels as authentic to their natural aesthetic as possible, we recommend whitewashing them. Whitewashing is the process of giving our wall paneling a soft wash of paint that does not coat the entire panel, instead, it gives the illusion of an overall natural appeal. Doing so allows the room to remain airy the entire time without disrupting the décor you already have.

Bringing dark back

Wall Paneling That Brings Charm To Any Room
The beauty of darker paneled walls is that they add texture while not taking away from the room. Pair with hints of color to brighten the space overall.

Say you already have paneling in a room and simply want to add something different or freshen up the space- painting your panels a dark hue is a way to go. This works particularly well in a smaller room as it brings an intimate feel that is still refreshing and modern. Do not be afraid of using dark hues in a smaller room, sometimes all the room needs is a hint of edgy to feel intimate and spacious.

Marble Contrast

Wall Paneling That Brings Charm To Any Room
Do not be afraid of creating contrast, when you’re working with paneled walls. Marble is excellent for doing just that, the right way.

When it comes to wall paneling most of us want to remain in the same color and texture family. However, sometimes a room needs a little contrast to come back to life. That is where marble comes into play. Marble is one of those timeless materials that make sense in the room while adding texture. Additionally, marble brings a luxurious touch that enhances the space in an overall manner.

Design Templates

Wall Paneling That Brings Charm To Any Room
A simple template in the bathroom made out of paneling can make a bold statement without taking away from the space.

While most of us think of wall paneling as the main focus of the room, sometimes all it needs is to be a template for your design. A template is great when you want to add things around it, make the designated area feel put together and cohesive. When doing so, select rich dark hues in order to make sense of the area while bringing a direct focal point.

Bold in Color

Wall Paneling That Brings Charm To Any Room
Just a pop of color can make a huge difference not only on the appeal of the room, but on how aesthetically pleasing the space can appeal.

Another great aspect, wall panels have is their ability to morph into whatever you need them to be. The beauty of this is you can paint them as you would like and would need in that specific room. The key is to envelop the room with rich color and allow it to be the main staple of the room without taking away from the other elements the room has. Add a lacquered color for a modern twist that radiates throughout the entire room.

Less is More

Wall Paneling That Brings Charm To Any Room
A simple set of panels right behind your fireplace can make an exceptional statement in any room due to how contrasting it will appear compared to what you already have.

Wall paneling is great when you’re considering a minimalist approach. The main reason for this being, paneling comes with integrated texture, which means there will always be an abundance of texture around the room when you have a paneled display. Consider adding it behind your fireplace for that pop of appeal that brings your décor full-circle.

Bright & White

Wall Paneling That Brings Charm To Any Room
Sometimes you don’t want to go fully white, sometimes you simply want to add brightness to the room with a light brushing of your panels

When in doubt white it out. If you have ever wanted to try paneling, but wasn’t sure how it will appear in your home, painting it white is the way to go. White is one of the neutrals that brightens the room while adding texture through the wall panel effect. The idea is to have a brightening effect in the room with little to no added effort. Doing so creates a blank canvas that allows you to add as many additional decorations as you would like without taking away from what you have.

The Ceiling Works

Wall Paneling That Brings Charm To Any Room
Paneling simply works in the ceiling, due to the extra added amount of texture that it adds in the room.

Sometimes all a room needs is a higher ceiling with a bit of texture. Adding wall paneling to your ceiling works great due to how minimal yet texturized it can look. Furthermore, there’s also the fact that the ceiling will look twice its height when it has a little something extra added. Paint your ceiling the same color as the rest of your room or give it a chic twist by having it be one of the main staples of that particular area.

Farmhouse Twist

Wall Paneling That Brings Charm To Any Room
Add a paneled wall to bring a little hint of farmhouse decor in the living room.

We have all heard and seen the beauty shiplap can do in a room, particularly in a farmhouse-inspired space. With that in mind, wall paneling can have the same effect. The idea comes from the wall panels creating the same multidimensional effect shiplap is known to have. Furthermore, wall panels bring that extra dose of warmth and coziness, even when your décor is meant to be subtle yet airy.

Mix & Blend

Wall Paneling That Brings Charm To Any Room
Adding multiple different textures allows the room to feel fresh and new every time whether you use only one different material or 5 the options are endless.

If there’s one thing wall panels have is their ability to change any décor into a cottage-like room, you could almost say that they expand the idea of having a welcoming appeal to any kind of space. If you do not want that cottage feel to your living room or any room that you want to add panels to, the key is mixing and blending different decorating styles. Having different styles will allow your space to feel personal to you with just the right amount of wall paneling. The key is creating a balance, that works for you, your aesthetics, and the architecture the room has in an overall manner.

Wall paneling is now IN! And we are loving it. Which of these are you interested in trying in your home.

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Wall Paneling That Brings Charm To Any Room