Get ready for a compelling adventure through this high-end modern home interior, which is dappled with surprising elements at every turn. Visualized by ZEWORKROOM Studio, this inspiring home design features a large, open-plan living space where neutral decor sets the stage for standout components that add character, fun, and intrigue. A contemporary staircase and a modern fireplace blend style and functionality, and the artwork adds a youthful touch. Chic furniture brings sophistication and comfort to the mix and carefully curated lighting casts a magical glow. The delightful medley of striking decor features, unexpected wonders, and fresh concepts conjures a playful atmosphere that sparks curiosity and ignites imagination.

A tufted sofa places a cushion-soft landing at the center of this large and impressive living room design. The crisscrossed biscuit tufting is complemented by uniform tiling on the adjacent chimney breast. A set of round coffee tables break up the linear theme, adding tactile curves to the mix.

The contemporary sofa configuration has a double-sided arrangement. While one side of the couch is focused toward the TV wall, the second line of seating cozies up by the fire. The modern fireplace has a triple-aspect design, allowing it to be enjoyed from every angle of the living room.

Slender candlesticks, metal tea light holders, a dainty glass bud vase, and a black decorative tray make up a chic coffee table centerpiece.

Wood flooring runs a warming tone through the modern neutral home interior. A bespoke concrete planter places a cool counteracting tone beneath the modern staircase design. Indoor plants add small bursts of color.

A unique bouclé lounge chair and a small coffee table are situated by the modern fireplace to create a welcoming reading area. The tiled chimney breast is finished with rounded corners, giving it a notable profile.

A large planter pot and a matching black side table are teamed with a stylish chair by the window, creating a chic ensemble.

Over in the formal dining area, a huge, futuristic dining room chandelier is teamed with Star Wars artwork to create a space-enthusiasts aesthetic.

Glossy black vessels decorate the dining table, matching the Sith Lord’s armor.

Black dining chairs contrast the wooden dining table.

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Flooring in the dining area switches from warm wood tones to an installation of cool gray and black tiles. A gray marble hearth underlines the TV wall and a recessed tower of display shelves.

The durable, easy-clean, tiled floor treatment continues into the kitchen area, where it complements a dramatic gray marble kitchen island and a fabulous backsplash. Contemporary pendant lights make a cool spectacle over the sleek stone volume.

Gray kitchen bar stools match the marble island and gray base cabinets, while a wall of appliance housing units and display cabinets offer contrasting wood tone. Black integrated kitchen appliances darkly contrast their housing, creating a sharp, modern look.

A custom-made, glass-walled wine storage room and a walk-in pantry create an impressive display at the end of the kitchen run. Facing the modern staircase, the glass storage room becomes a part of the hallway decor. Bright LED shelf lighting illuminates the outer walkway.

Gray marble constructs a unique decor feature with a creative breakaway effect in the home office. The fragmented wall treatment builds an interesting backdrop for an elegant desk and bookcase arrangement. It also covers the small lounge area behind the desk, which is used for reading, contemplation, and collaboration.

A linear suspension light keeps the workspace well-lit. A designer table lamp adds an atmospheric glow at the base of the bookshelf. A small library of tomes, sculptures, and ornaments decorates three brass shelves.

A stylish chair with ottoman is grouped with a pair of floor lamps and a trendy side table by the window. The series of sleek silhouettes form an almost sculptural arrangement in the backlit corner.

Home gym equipment is thoughtfully curated to maintain style with function. Wooden apparatus and black accents complete a minimalist arrangement with a subtle palette. Workout sessions are a time to clear the mind, not to be overwhelmed by color and excessive visual input.

Black window blinds are installed end-to-end across the gym wall, rather than inside the window reveals, to expand the aesthetic. A merged window ledge forms a shallow seat for short rest breaks in the gym.

The home gym includes a personal sauna chamber, clad in a sophisticated decor scheme of gray wood effect wall tiles and a coordinated gray granite floor. A sleek gray electric heater warms the basket of Diabase rocks.

In the powder room, a white marble vanity unit features an integrated white marble basin. A reed diffuser and a scented candle offer simple sink adornments. The black bathroom faucet sprouts elegantly from the marble base, with its valve set neatly aside.

Textured tiles wrap the walls of the powder room, creating an intricate impact. A frameless, custom-cut vanity mirror reflects the room, making it appear larger and lighter.

The apartment floor plan shows the unusual shape of the building. The trickiest parts of the floor layout are avoided by placing the boiler room and a washroom where the most problematic angles lie. The workspace is situated at the back of the bedroom wing, where it will benefit from the most peace and quiet.

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