Who else remember the days Nate Berkus used to join the Oprah Winfrey show? I really loved these episodes and it were some of the first room makeovers I watched. I still have Nate’s first book and kept following his career. As well as his husband’s Jeremiah Brent, an AD100 designer, who I still remember from the Rachel Zoe Project. I recently showed you his new store in Los Angeles: Atrio and he now launched his book: The Space That Keeps You

The Space that keeps you by Jeremiah Brent

The Space That Keeps You

The Space That Keeps You isn’t just a study of beautiful interior design; it’s an emotional design book that explores what gives spaces meaning. Just like Jeremiah himself, readers will leave this book with a newfound appreciation for the places that connect and shape us.

Through candid conversations with nine individuals and families varying in backgrounds, lifestyles, and geographic locations, Jeremiah reveals how and why the spaces we inhabit come to feel like they truly belong to us—the memories, emotions, and stories that shape what home signifies.

Filled with intimate, meaningful details—from the kitchen that now nourishes the grandchildren of the adoring couple who first cooked there fifty years ago to the beams of one apartment’s walls that are etched with hearts to literally represent the love that fills it—and accompanied by 300 inviting and inspiring color photographs—The space that keeps you illustrates the essence of what makes a house a home.


“In a new book, the celebrated interior designer and new cast member of Netflix’s Queer Eye takes readers on an international tour to discover what makes people comfortable and happy in the spaces they create for themselves” says 1st Dibs, where you can also read a great review: New ‘Queer Eye’ Star Jeremiah Brent Meditates on the Meaning of Home

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