19 Attic bedroom ideas that make a sloped ceiling work

Attic bedrooms are a great way to repurpose unused space in a home. Whether you’re creating an extra bedroom for guests or undertaking a loft conversion to maximize space on lower levels of the house, there are a number of attic room ideas out there to help you make the most of this typically small space.

The sloped ceiling can be a challenge in attic bedrooms, yet if you smartly decorate them, you can make it work and take advantage of the extra daylight below the roof.

The list below shows the most innovative attic bedroom ideas that work with sloping ceilings and minimal wall space.

A Bright Attic Bedroom With Soft Linens

It’s no secret that lighting and coloring play a major role in our perception of space. This attic bedroom with bright white walls, a gentle color palette, and lots of natural light creates an open and airy feel that makes the room feel larger than it is.

The large skylights, specifically, completely transform the look of this attic space, adding a sense of warmth and relaxation.

an attic bedroom with a double skylight ad a light blue color scheme

Styled by Nouvel Interior, photographed by Alen Cordic for Bjurfors

A Dramatic Attic Bedroom in Shades of Brown

This dark, impactful attic bedroom is essentially the opposite of the previous idea. The varying shades of dark brown create a unique style that perfectly expresses the feelings of stability and security.

Additionally, built-in closet space helps to add adequate storage without taking away from the floor space.

An attic bedroom with a terracotta wall color and a built-in wardrobe

via Audo Cph

Add Plants to an Attic Bedroom for a Welcoming Feel

The sunlight provided by roof windows is ideal for exercising your green thumb. This makes attic bedrooms the perfect backdrop for growing a range of plants that require bright light to thrive.

Simply add some small shelving or hanging points to display greenery and enjoy the benefits such as reduced stress and improved air quality.

An attic bedroom with white walls and lots of plants

via Fantastic Frank

Showcase Exposed Beams in Your Attic Bedroom

Exposed ceiling beams are a timeless interior design trend. This attic bedroom utilizes the sloped ceilings to better showcase the color and texture of the beams while also adding the illusion of a traditional flat roof.

By incorporating wood tones and dark neutrals in the furniture and bedding, the room is pulled together into a cohesive style.

A Japandi style bedroom with an oak wood side table, Torso table lamp and sloped ceilings

via Norm Architects

Exposed Brick Wall in an Attic Bedroom

The exposed brick in this attic space adds a slightly industrial feel that is echoed in the ceiling beams and clothing rod. It also serves as an accent wall as well as a source of visual interest.

The natural contrast provided by the smooth furniture and soft bedding provides a sense of warmth that’s welcoming to all guests.

An attic bedroom with a skylight and an exposed brick wall

via Stadshem

A Soft, Cozy Space With a Large Dormer Window

Many attic bedroom ideas focus on rooms with small windows and maximizing light. However, some attic rooms may struggle with too much light, especially if there’s a large window in the room.

To combat this, full-length slightly opaque curtains are used to control the light and provide needed privacy. Pair this with a predominantly off-white color scheme with patterned pillows for a neutral, comfortable style.

A big dormer window in an attic bedroom

via Alexander White

A Low Bed Frame for the Illusion of Space

When working with low ceilings and limited attic space, low furniture is essential. This low bed enhances the appearance of vertical space, making the room feel less cramped. Additionally, the sliding door makes efficient use of the space while the curtain divider provides extra versatility.

A spacious attic bedroom with a low bed and pink walls

via Erik Olsson

Natural Light and Statement Pieces in a Uniquely Shaped Attic Space

This attic bedroom leans into the uniqueness of the space by designing the room around the window and positioning the bed underneath the overhang of the ceiling. This allows the side walls of the nook to be used to create a snug space that makes you want to spend the day in bed.

Add in a few statement pieces to further highlight the quirkiness of the room and create a one-of-a-kind space.

An attic bedroom with a low ceiling and grey wall color

via Entrance Makleri

A Bed Placed Perpendicular to the Windows and Slanted Roof to Maximize Floor Space

This attic bedroom showcases the unique design feature of two dormer windows in the same room.

Instead of placing the bed between the windows or using two twin beds to have a bed under each, this design allows for light to naturally enter the windows and fall across the bed while still allowing the extra space throughout the room to be utilized in other ways.

A spacious attic bedroom with crisp white walls and a black bed

via Alicia Edelman

Add Function to a Small Space With a Twin Bed

Small spaces in homes are often underutilized, due in part to the misconception that there’s no way to use the room in a meaningful way. However, as attic bedroom ideas have shown us, these spaces can be transformed to create something completely new.

This attic bedroom uses high-contrast tones and geometric shapes to add interest to the room while the twin bed slots in perfectly just in front of the window.

A tiny attic bedroom with dark brown walls

Design by WTP Studios, photographed by Kristoffer Johnsson for Nordiska Kök

Open Geometric Shelving in an Attic Bedroom for Small Pops of Decor

This attic bedroom creates depth by combining deep, dusty blue walls with a neutral color palette. By placing the bed into the corner, the space on the walls is maximized and ready for decor.

However, with a limited area to work with, it’s important to use small pieces in an impactful way to avoid the feeling of overcrowding. This is achieved here by using staggered square shelving that echoes both the colors in the room and the shape of the skylight.

A tiny attic bedroom with a dusty blue wall color and a smart storage system on the wall

via Stadshem

Transform an Attic Bedroom With Faux Concrete Walls

Attic rooms don’t have to follow the structure and overall design of the rest of the house. This example uses limewash paint to recreate the look of concrete, completely changing the overall style of the space.

The lower furniture and white ceiling help to open up the room and prevent the walls from becoming oppressive. You could also change up the look slightly to better fit your style by doing something like choosing an antique bed or unique light fixture in similar or contrasting colors.

A attic bedroom with grey limewash paint ont he walls for a concrete look

via Wrede

White Linens in an Attic Room with Higher Ceilings

This attic bedroom offers a high-contrast design through the use of a slate grey wall and soft white linens. The lighter wood tables and greenery prevent the room from becoming too stark and cold which is an important balance to strike.

Furthermore, the round shape of the light fixture breaks up the sharp lines of the walls and ties into the softness of the bedding to complete the look.

A custom-built room divider in an attic studio apartment

via Ahre

A Skylight Reflecting on a Gallery Wall

This attic bedroom layout is perfect for any house that needs a guest bedroom but has limited bedroom space. The bedroom is simple, yet sophisticated, and features a neutral palette.

The sunlight pouring in through the skylight is used to create gallery-style lighting on an arrangement of photographs. This makes it a great place to showcase photos of the family or peaceful scenery.

An attic bedroom with a niche space for the bed

Styled by Nouvel Interior, photographed by Alen Cordic, for sale via Entrance Makleri

Bright Whites and Warm Neutrals in an Attic Bedroom

This top-floor bedroom is among the more simplistic yet timeless attic bedroom ideas. The warm, sandy walls provide a relaxing air while the bright white bedding and chandelier exude freshness.

The minimal decor also leaves room for personalization which will make long-term guests feel more welcome. You could also include bunk beds or twin beds in this bedroom for more versatility.

A simple attic bedroom with sand walls and crisp white bedding

Styled by Nouvel Interior, photographed by Mariah Sahlander for Bjurfors Beyond

Maximize Storage Space in Your Attic Room

Built-in shelving and fitted wardrobes are always the perfect features to include in an attic remodel. These features allow homeowners and guests alike to keep the space neat and organized by providing an area to keep things like extra throw pillows, linens, and personal items.

This room in particular uses the same shade of paint as the white walls to have the doors of the wardrobe disappear into the background. However, with a different color scheme or decor, this could be painted a different color altogether to double as an accent wall.

Ann attic bedroom with white walls and a built-in wardrobe for storage

Styled by Linnéa H. Manaberi, for sale at Bjurfors

A Bright Space for a Refreshing Feel

Monochromatic color palettes are timeless, and their use in attic bedroom ideas is no exception. This black and white bedroom with hints of brown creates an enjoyable attic space that’s a quintessential place to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

It’s also a look that’s easy to achieve with a fresh coat of white paint on all walls, plush white bedding, and black accent pieces.

A black and white decor in an attic bedroom with a sky-light

Styled by Emma Fisher, photographed by Alen Cordic for Bjurfors 

Use a Gallery Wall to Showcase a Uniquely Shaped Window

Similar to some of the previous attic bedroom ideas that we’ve looked at, this design leans into the unique elements of the room.

The natural direction of sunlight streaming in perfectly falls across both the bed and the gallery wall, highlighting both. The position of the frames also mimics the way the beam of sunlight widens and becomes less intense as it moves along the wall.

An attic bedroom with a bed nook in front of a half-rounded window

Styled by Nouvel Interior, photographed by Maria Sahlander for Bjurfors

Pops of Rich Brown and a Floor Lamp for a Cozy Feeling

Everyone wants to feel cozy in their bedroom, and this attic bedroom checks all the boxes. The rich brown tones are naturally warm, contrasting beautifully with the stark white of the walls. In addition, the sleek floor lamp with a warm-toned bulb provides an inviting feeling to the room.

An attic bedroom with white walls and brown textiles on the bed

Styled by Bon Interior, photographed by Alen Cordic for Bjurfors, developed by Delop

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