Working in front of the window is great when you want to enjoy the view and also get some Vitamine D at the same time. When you create a windowsill desk and combine two functionalities into one, you will save space and sit as close to the window as possible while you work: the best of both worlds.

Below, you can find my favorite windowsill desk to get you inspired if you are looking to integrate a workspace into one of your home’s windowsills as well.

A white windowsill desk next to a vintage cabinet in a small hallway

The white-painted vintage storage cabinet in this hallway is built right next to a window with white frames. The deep windowsill is turned into an impromptu home office area which is small, but perfect to check your emails.

The mint green chair stands out in front of the white floors and white elements and the fresh green plant found on the desk finishes the look off perfectly.

A white windowsill desk next to a vintage cabinet in a small hallway

Styled by Anna Van Keppel, photographed by Mia Borgelin, via Historiska Hem

Combine storage space and a windowsill desk to get everything out of your small room

The windowsill for this walk-in closet is created by a beautiful desk with storage functionality that spreads from wall to wall. The area underneath the worktop is kept empty on the right side to allow a comfortable place to sit, while on the left side, you can find a combination of drawers and open shelving.

A desk integrated into a window sill of a walk-in closet

via Entrance Makleri

Use the space underneath the sloped roof to integrate a work desk

skylights typically don’t have a windowsill area and the sloped ceilings usually make it a bit more difficult to decorate the room, let alone integrate a home office.

This small attic room, however, has a custom solution with open shelving along the walls creating a long windowsill that goes over into a computer desk, and into a bookshelf by the other wall.

A home office space integrated into the windowsill of an attic room

via Historiska Hem

Optimize the space in front of a full-height window

Extra large windows let in an abundance of sunlight anyway, so you can opt to cover part of the area in front of the window by placing a chair and desk in front of it without having to change or obstruct the view too much.

By picking out a windowsill desk in the same color as the window frames, both of the elements blend into each other for a seamless effect.

Optimize the space in front of a full-height window with a windowsill desk

project for the office group, by the hand of renowned Norm Architects

Work around the window and the wall space

This long and narrow window is embedded into surrounding walls and provides a lovely view of the greenery outside. By aligning the custom desk to the walls, you can turn an otherwise lost area of the floorplan into a nice home office spot.

You can store all the things you need while working in the elegantly integrated drawers underneath the worktop, which is such an elegant idea.

A modern windowsill desk in front of large window

via Ask Og Eng

An enlarged window sill turns into a spacious bedroom home office

In this cozy bedroom setting, a custom desk is attached to the window sill and fixated with brackets to the wall. Both the desk and the window sill are made out of light wood species, complementing the light color palette in the bedroom space.

Both the window and the windowsill are quite wide, allowing for long and narrow desk space to place your laptop and store away notebooks and other home office things. If you are working with an extra wide window, you could even install a longer desk, add another chair, and create a two-person desk in front of the window.

A windowsill desk creates a beautiful home office spot in a small bedroom

via Alvhem

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