The side yard is often overlooked when you have to design a garden because of its small size. The narrow and see-through space right along the house is only used as a trash can and to pile up old things. Even though many people have difficulty designing a side yard that doesn’t apply to the front yard and backyard landscape, this is what encourages us to think creatively to change the side yard to look more stunning.

When many people start to give up and leave a small space for granted, now is the time for you to see the unlimited potential. From creating a side yard garden to a calming hiding area, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest ways to decorate your small side yard. Keep exploring your creativity and discover one of our favorite ideas below!

1. Side yard garden


If you only have a few meters of land in the side yard, you can still create any garden style there. Starting from modern gardens, Japanese, secret fairy gardens, minimalist, tropical, and so on. Choose various types of green plants, bushes, trees, and even colorful flowers to enhance the appearance of your side yard. It is best to choose plants carefully to suit the climate and environmental conditions around you.

2. Side yard terrace


The side yard is part of the outdoor space that you must utilize, including turning it into a terrace or porch. Cover it with tiles or use a wooden deck, then add furniture that promotes comfort. If your side yard is very narrow, consider having folding or perhaps wall-mounted furniture pieces. After finishing with the arrangement, then refresh your terrace with green plants, shrubs, or complete it with outdoor lighting.

3. Side yard pools


Even though it is small in size, the swimming pool in the side yard is a fun entertainment area for you and your family. If this is not possible, just choosing a soaking pool or tank pool will be more than enough.

4. Side yard pathways


The most popular idea besides a side yard garden is building a pathway. Make a pleasant path to walk on using wooden planks, stones, concrete, and other materials you like. Align with greenery, ponds, shrubs, flowers and trees to create a beautiful landscape combination.

5. Side yard dining area


This design brings the dining atmosphere outdoors. Throw a small party or invite friends and family to just enjoy a meal in the side yard. In terms of style, functional furniture is very influential because it still looks attractive without having to take up a lot of space. Choose furniture that can be folded or stored whenever you need it.

6. Side yard hideaway


Create a hideaway where you can relax and enjoy quality alone time. This side yard is lined with many elements that give you more privacy, from wooden fences, green plants, bushes and comfortable lounge chairs.

7. Side yard living room


The long side yard is ideal as a living room connected to the outdoors. Provide a sitting area or set of chairs where you can entertain your guests comfortably. Of course, the visiting atmosphere will feel more relaxed and enjoyable.

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