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Are you fascinated by interior design schemes that hail from scenic and elegant Northern Italy? If you are, then you may want to explore the thrilling universe of Tuscan kitchens. What specifically makes a kitchen “Tuscan,” anyway?

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Tuscan design has a reputation for being chock-full of rustic, quaint and rural elements that are reminiscent of laid-back days in the picturesque European countryside. It’s associated with warm tones that are earthy in feel. It’s associated with textured materials of all sorts as well.

Are you interested in cooking spaces that showcase bona fide Tuscan charms? Tuscan kitchens tend to be brimming with memorable accents such as detail-oriented tile mosaics, cozy wood cabinets and, finally, regal stone arches.

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Tuscan Kitchens

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Authentic Tuscan Kitchen

If you want to design an authentic Tuscan kitchen, then you should pay close attention to your color options. These kinds of kitchens historically have included an abundance of brown, orange, green and cream components. People who design Tuscan kitchens often use these specific colors together harmoniously. Note, though, that these colors may give off somewhat more traditional Tuscan vibes. If you’re trying to establish a kitchen design that has a more contemporary Tuscan vibe, you may want to opt for colors like olive green and deep yellow. Remember, too, that dark purple can make a fantastic accent color for Tuscan kitchens in this day and age. You can even introduce extra flair to a Tuscan kitchen with the integration of burgundy and red hues alike.

Are Mediterranean and Tuscan Designs the Same?

Some people wonder whether Mediterranean and Tuscan design approaches are the same. The reality is that they’re not. Tuscan concepts come straight from Italian soil. Mediterranean concepts, on the other hand, utilize concepts from all kinds of diverse cultures in the region. Examples of these cultures are Turkey, France, Greece, Morocco and, last but definitely not least, Spain. Italy is understandably a major part of the Mediterranean look, too.

Although it’s critical to note that Mediterranean and Tuscan designs are nowhere near identical, it’s just as critical to acknowledge that they have a lot in common as well.

How Exactly Can I Make My Kitchen Look Tuscan?

If you crave a kitchen that gives off a genuine Tuscan ambiance, you shouldn’t be afraid to take full advantage of the stunning colors of the rainbow. These types of kitchens are the opposite of muted and subtle in the color realm, after all.

Make a point to zero in on classically Tuscan materials. Terra-cotta, wood, copper and iron are all examples of materials that are big favorites in the Tuscan interior design world.

Try combining a beige marble countertop with paneled cabinets that are dark brown. Create a backsplash that features old-fashioned subway tiles. If you feel as though your kitchen is missing a bit of color and vitality, you can place a striking dark red area rug on the floor. Strategic rug placement can make any Tuscan kitchen come to life quickly and easily.

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