What will definitely be the highlight this year is that I quit my teaching job of 24 years and I am immeasurably happy I can include it into the best things that happened for me, my family and my blog / small business.  
I always mark the end of the year on the blog with a small selection of posts that have sparked a great interest, but this year I am going to keep records short and sweet. 
The most viewed, liked and shared where the wind spinners, the crochet covered buttons and the ideas how to use leftover yarn
This year I published just one collection – The Nymph Collection.

I experienced crochet prolificness with 24 paid and 16 free patterns published and a basket full of techniques, ideas, tips and tricks. I’ll wrap this up as another creatively fulfilled year. 

With this, I wish you a blessed and safer New Year ahead! 

Past best ofs on the blog: