For est living managing director Miffy Coady, a trip to Stockholm, Sweden, to experience the Hästens Beds heritage and craftsmanship was a dream come true.

Following 24 hours of travel from Australia to Stockholm, a good night’s sleep was high on my agenda. Cue: Stallmästaregården Hotel, a historic design hotel in the heart of Stockholm on the Royal Haga Gardens where Nordic interiors meet warm hospitality.  

It was here where I spent my first night in a Hästens bed. While the jet lag made it easier to fall asleep, sinking into the bed’s all-natural materials and appreciating its undeniable comfort ensured a restful start to my Swedish sojourn. 

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Hästens was founded in 1852 as a saddlery. A horse features as part of the company identity, nodding to their saddler heritage. 

Hästens was founded in 1852 as a saddlery. When the demand for saddles declined with the introduction of the car, Hästens switched gears to their secondary area of manufacturing, the mattress, while keeping their iconic horse logo. 

Visiting the Hästens flagship and HQ in Köping, their small hometown outside of Stockholm, affirmed the Hästens way. We were greeted by the unassuming fifth-generation CEO of the company, Jan Ryde, who shared his obsession with making the world a more harmonious place. The quietly spoken businessman also spoke about his recently published book, ‘When Business is Love: The Spirit of Hästens At Work, At Play, and Everywhere in Your Life’.

Following Jan’s introduction, it was time for the Hästens ‘bed test’ – a true Goldilocks moment. Wearing Hästens boots made from soft cotton doona fabric, we went from one iconic blue and white check bed to the next to find our match, ranging from the Grand Vividus – famously purchased by Drake – to a small, accessible single bed.

Celebrating 45 years, the 2000T is Hästens’ most popular bed, and it wasn’t hard to see why. Melting into the bed was akin to reaching a ‘zen’ moment in meditation. The bed’s unique construction, featuring flax to remove static electricity from the body, is a fast-track way to a quality night’s sleep. According to Hästens, the proof of a restful sleep lies in your amount of energy the following day at 4 p.m. “We want people to fall asleep as fast as possible and to achieve the highest quality of sleep,” Jan Ryde says. 

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Hästens beds are recognised globally by their Blue Check® pattern.

After seeing the finished product, we were walked through the Hästens Dream Factory to see the bed masters build the beds completely by hand. Entering the factory, the first wall featured framed photos of every employee proudly described as the Hästens family ‘wall of fame’. Turning the corner, you pass a wall detailing the family history, and directly opposite, a second wall of fame features faces of celebrities who own Hästens beds.

Witnessing the unique construction process and rigorous quality control measures in place was a famil highlight. There was a distinct calmness that governed the manufacturing headquarters, led by Jan’s perspective of “Why rush when you can do it better slowly?”; an ethos that runs through every aspect of the business. Each bed is made using the best quality natural materials, including cotton, horsehair, flax, and wool, hand-stitched together by skilled craftspeople over a dedicated period of time. For example, the Grand Vividus takes 600 hours to complete and if one mistake is made, the process starts all over again. 

From understanding the level of detail woven into each Hästens bed to feeling their exceptional designs personally, rest assured Hästens are dedicated to improving quality of life through sleep.

Be sure to visit the Hästens Sleep Spa in Melbourne for your own Goldilocks moment. 

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The Hästens HQ in Köping, Sweden.

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Fifth-generation Hästens CEO Jan Ryde

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