An architect and interior designer couple convert a historic hotel in one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs into their own family home. 

On arrival, it’s not immediately clear that architect Ed Glenn and interior designer Edwina Glenn’s South Melbourne home is no longer a functioning hotel. The preserved, all-white facade still wears ‘Town Hall Hotel’ in iron letters, and while the front entrance is concealed, it’s not rare to see the original doors open to the street on a warm afternoon. 

The Art Deco exterior was what first piqued Ed and Edwina’s interest in repurposing an existing building. Within walking distance of the famed recording studio, Armstrong Studios, the Town Hall Hotel is rumoured to have welcomed the Rolling Stones and Elton John in its heyday. Familiar with the hotel, after having lived in the suburb for 16 years, it wasn’t until months after first considering the idea of living there that they walked past with friends who encouraged them to take on the project.

This article is a preview of ‘Where Architects Live: Ed & Edwina Glenn’ featured inside the latest issue of est magazine, Celebrating 50. 

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