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Blusa com Aplicações nos Ombros

Neste exercício vou descrever como fazer blusa com aplicações nos ombros. O passo a passo está descrito de forma simples e clara. Analise de forma detalhada a ilustração do modelo.… ©

A Green Garden Refresh with Durapost Vento Fences

After five years of living in this house we recently changed our 4 foot high fences for these stunning Durapost Vento composite fence panels. Not only are they a stunning option for any garden (with several different colour combinations available) but they are built to last! These fences aren’t going anywhere for a long time! […]

Comment on Summer Reading for Makers by Laura

I’m absolutely picking up a copy of The Long Thread! Sounds like a fantastic read that I can slowly process. ©

Comment on Chevron Sunglasses Case Knitting Pattern by vintage sunglasses

Such a great blog, thank you for the tips. Everything was explained very well and clear. I appreciate it very much. ©

Comment on Outlander Chevron Shawl by Heidi

In reply to Melinda Pond. I’m not sure & the sample is sadly currently packed away or I’d check. 🙂 I worked until I ran out of yarn. For reference, I included the weights of yarn I used for each section of color in the pattern. Sidenote: This free pattern was intended for beginners. If […]

Comment on Shorty Socks / Knit Along Wrap Up by Heidi

In reply to Bonnie Lowes. It’s up to you, but often knitters use four DPNs for holding live stitches and a fifth for working stitches. ©

Comment on Shorty Socks / Knit Along Wrap Up by Bonnie Lowes

I’m using DPNs. Do I use three or four needles? Disappointed ☹️ in the pattern. ©

Comment on Outlander Chevron Shawl by Melinda Pond

Hi! My husband and I LOVE the Outlander show and am so happy with your creating this pattern! I was having trouble using the 3 DK light yarn, so am using 4 ply instead, with size 8 needles. Approximately how many stitches did you end with or how many rows? Also, I’m new to making […]

Comment on Crochet Hook Sizes & A Handy Conversion Chart by Heidi

In reply to Joanne Rivard. If you have an idea of your gauge*, you can multiply the number of stitches per inch you’re working by the 24″ width. So if you’re crocheting at about 4 stitches per inch, 4 stitches per inch x 24 inches = 96 chains to begin with. Good luck! *how many […]

Comment on Crochet Hook Sizes & A Handy Conversion Chart by Joanne Rivard

I am making a small afghan 24″ x 36″ for the hospital patients. I am using a size K hook and need to know how many chains I need for the 24 inches then I will crochet foe 36″ long Can you help? Thanks! ©

Comment on Little Sprout Baby Hat by Heidi

In reply to Cara. Hi Cara, First off, apologies for the delay in getting back to your comment. I was down with the big, bad C-bug the past two weeks, and I appreciate your patience. Now, let’s get to it. You aren’t doing anything wrong, this early pattern of mine was incorrect. The markers should […]

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