Whether you have a powder room with barely any room to move or your bathroom is extremely tiny, having a smaller space where you need to shower, get ready in the mornings, and apply your makeup with little to no room to breathe can be extremely disappointing. But the good news is you do not need to move or spend an absurd amount of money to reinvent your bathroom. You simply need to restyle the room in a way that the sizing becomes almost nonexistent, and the room just feels grand and put together. In the guide, we will showcase the best small bathroom design ideas that enhance the size of the room while being trendy, stylish and oh so charming.

Consider a Skylight

Small Bathroom Design Ideas That Enhance The Size
If you have a large roof, consider having two skylines instead of one, for an even grander appeal.

If you are an avid reader of Trendir then you know how much we love light fixtures, adding airiness in the room along with open space, which is why we absolutely love the idea of a skyline in a smaller bathroom. Natural lighting is essential when you want to make your bathroom feel larger and grander all at once. The idea is to have an open and airy feel even if you only have one or two windows in the room.

Woven Baskets

Small Bathroom Design Ideas That Enhance The Size
The best aspect of having woven baskets is not how much they can hide but its how they come in multiple shades of neutral. Making them perfect for any room regardless of how they’re decorated.

Space can be a huge issue in smaller rooms, which is why woven baskets will come in handy quite a lot. They’re trendy which is perfect for bathrooms that need a hint of trendy and modern while not taking away from the room. There is also their element of concealing whatever you need to be hidden away while simply sitting petty as part of your décor. The idea is to have what you need when you need it in a stylish manner.

Floating Sink

Small Bathroom Design Ideas That Enhance The Size
If you do need shelving under your sink, consider adding a smaller one below to make a bold statement on its own while still having that simple feel of a floating sink.

Skip a bulky sink, and cabinet combination, and go for a floating sink. Floating sinks not only feel light and airy but they’re extremely chic and modern which adds to the elegance of your bathroom. The idea is to have a sink that feels open and unique without taking away from your current décor. It adds a jazzy twist even if your space is minimal.

Shower Niches

Small Bathroom Design Ideas That Enhance The Size
Allow your niches to feel different and unique in a room by being displayed on their own or in a unique color.

While you can always add bulky caddies in your bathroom that takes up a large chunk of space, sometimes you need something a bit chicer that won’t take much space- that is where built-in shower niches will come in handy. Not only are built-in niches quite appealing to the eye, but they are a whole lot more beneficial as they can hold a lot of product without taking away from the décor you already have.

White & Airy

Small Bathroom Design Ideas That Enhance The Size
The key to a white bathroom is adding fresh greenery that elevates the room without taking away from it.

Some individuals might say an all-white bathroom can feel boring, or even a bit too simplistic; however, we believe the contrary. When done properly white bathrooms can feel expensive, fresh, and clean. Which is great when you want to make a room feel grander and more open. Keep your décor white with hints of pattern to bring seamless style and character all at the same time.

Try an Oval Sink

Small Bathroom Design Ideas That Enhance The Size
Oval sinks work because they take up extremely little space while getting the job done.

When you are trying to add a softness to a room that is already small, your very first thought might be to keep it minimal, which is why an oval sink is a great idea. Oval sinks are softer and take up less space, making it perfect for helping the bathroom feel grand without taking up counter space. They’re also great when you want to add a feminine twist right where you need it. Furthermore, if you’re lacking in counter space this is the perfect way to have a bit more room.

Busy Floors

Small Bathroom Design Ideas That Enhance The Size
A patterned floor is great when you want to add some sort of accent, but with a twist without having to be on your walls.

We love the idea of having intricate floors paired with minimal walls. The idea of intricate flooring works because it gives you a focal point in the room while allowing you to decorate as you would like. Furthermore, when it comes to decorating, we recommend keeping the room as minimal as possible in order to allow your flooring to be the main focus of the room.

Large Mirror

Small Bathroom Design Ideas That Enhance The Size
Whether you use one or two large mirrors you want to have the large mirror make the main statement of the space.

Do not be afraid of adding a large, bold item in the room no matter how small it is. Whether you want to add a large mirror or a large tub you want to create that balance in the room that feels crisp and clean without taking away from your décor. The idea is to have the room feel as airy as can be without being out of place or diminishing in size.

Go Fun

Small Bathroom Design Ideas That Enhance The Size
The bolder the brass the bigger statement, it will make in the room. Consider a rose gold brass when you want a feminine twist.

When Selecting an Accent Color Having fun is always a good idea when you’re decorating. The key is going full blown décor and adding a colorful accent that will brighten the room in an overall manner. Consider adding bits of metallic to make the room feel grand and expansive. Furthermore, doing so will bring a twist of style that is personal to you and the way you like to decorate your home without compromising the size of the room.

Remove the Shower Curtain

Small Bathroom Design Ideas That Enhance The Size
Glass doors work extremely well because they eliminate the breakage from the space.

Curtains Open up the space in an overall manner by removing your shower curtain. Instead of having curtains that restrain the room, and make it feel smaller, consider having glass doors. Glass doors, remove that heavy feeling in the room while giving you a seamless display. The idea is to have what you need without taking away from what you already have. Not only does it remove heaviness from the room, but it makes it easier to clean.

Does your small bathroom in need of a pick me up? If so, try one of these and let us know how it works out in the comments below.

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Small Bathroom Design Ideas That Enhance The Size