Bold blue accent decor gives this small apartment design a burst of energy. Visualized by Artimitro Interiors, the 61 square meter home interior is punchy and bright, oozing an air of confidence. The bright blue notes are balanced with warm elements of natural wood tone. Wood wall panels clad a living room TV focal wall, which is modernly textured to add interest and style. The wood-paneled wall morphs into a bank of storage near the home entryway, keeping the compact living space free from visual clutter. The blue accents skip over a smooth gray bedroom design but reappear in a showstopping blue bathroom scheme with an underwater feel.

The compact living room comes to life with a textured cobalt blue area rug and matching modern wall art. Two tonal blue scatter cushions take the accent to a modern gray living room sofa. Contrasting yellow accents add upbeat contradictions.

A black living room floor lamp arches in front of the blue and yellow wall art, creating an elegant silhouette. The bedroom door and surrounding wall are picked out in a complementary black finish.

The frameless door that leads into the home office remains plain white to camouflage cleanly within its wall. The modern gray sofa design features a chaise extension, which creates a fitting L-shape in the compact living room layout.

Modern black track lights run the length of the living room, focussing over the TV statement wall.

The wall behind the gray sofa is tiled with sleek gray granite tiles. The large format tiles add subtle texture to the perimeter of the room. Sheer white window voiles allow natural sunlight to pass through whilst maintaining a level of privacy from the neighboring buildings.

A black marble and wooden coffee table is situated in the center of the living room. Its slatted wood surface conveys a fashion-forward aesthetic. A handmade ceramic vase and a coffee table book create a simple centerpiece.

Oak laminate flooring covers the lounge area, whilst gray granite tiles define the kitchen and dining zone. The tiles offer a hardwearing, easy-clean surface where it matters most.

The large gray tiles are repeated across the kitchen backsplash to achieve a cohesive look.

Custom-cut, floor-to-ceiling mirrors help make a narrow hallway look brighter and wider. Tiled flooring expands into the home entryway.

The mirrored wall continues all the way to the front door.

Opposite the mirrored wall, a bank of custom-made wooden units offers copious amounts of storage. Their wooden finish is a seamless continuation of the wood-clad TV focal wall in the lounge.

A blue accent piece underlines the wooden storage units, creating fun contrast with the neutral tone.

The wooden panels smoothly wrap the corner of the room. Perforated wooden boards offer added interest and style.

A white kitchen draws around the end of the living space in an L-shaped installation.

A glass dining table and three upholstered dining chairs tuck into the L-shaped embrace of the modern kitchen layout.

The oversized dining room pendant light visually anchors the open-plan dining area in the living space.

A handcrafted decorative vase and bowl make an intriguing dining table centerpiece. Behind the dining zone, a white kitchen faucet contrasts cleanly with the textured gray kitchen backsplash.

A large window fills the dining room with natural light during the daytime. The light reflects wonderfully across the glass tabletop.

Inside the bedroom, the color palette is tranquil in shades of soft gray and white. A slatted headboard feature wall makes a subtle style statement. Black slatted panels close in front of a walk-in wardrobe design.

3D relief art is mounted above a small black bedside table, fashioning a chic ensemble. A small black bedside table lamp provides focused reading light. A black rug offers soft footing around the bed.

Behind the black slatted screens, the walk-in wardrobe features a moody gray decor scheme with a rich wood dressing table and shelves.

The bedroom is a showstopping design with a startling blue palette. Solid blue storage units fashion a unique vanity area. A modern white bathroom basin and a black faucet contrast sharply against the bright backdrop.

An illuminated bathroom mirror and perimeter LEDs intensify the blue color scheme. The mirror’s backlit frame glows atmospherically in the compact vanity nook. The illumination falls upon the white vessel basin, causing it to glow on its dark mount.

The blue perimeter LEDs wash electrifying color down the bathroom walls. The enrapturing color creates a unique atmosphere, almost like an underwater cavern.

Quirky, colorful decor accessories complement the bold bathroom design.

The floor-to-ceiling unit installed beside the bathroom vanity is a utility cupboard. A stacked washing machine and tumble dryer are installed inside. A high shelf offers space for a laundry basket or detergents and fabric softeners.

A deep drawer underneath the bathroom sink is perfect for stowing away toiletries, makeup, and hair-styling equipment.

A walk-in shower area is located on the other side of the utility unit. Large format gray tiles clad the walls and floor of the shower enclosure. The tiles secure a style link with the living space and home entryway.

Inside the shower area, a black showerhead darkly contrasts with the gray tiled walls. LED perimeter lights create restful mood lighting.

A hand-held shower rinser is convenient for cleaning down the enclosure.

Apartment floor plan.

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