simple easter egg decorating

egg painting ideas for easter

As Easter is fast approaching, I thought I’d share some of my favourite Easter egg decorating ideas before it’s too late.  Having said that, many of us do some egg decorating over the Easter weekend, so there’s still time to enjoy these ideas.  And most of them only need eggs, paint and few other bits that you’re likely to have at home already.

All these simple Easter egg decorating ideas will look great on your Easter table, whether you create a display or just use them as part of your place settings.  My favourite is to place a decorated egg on top of each plate or napkin.  Nothing complicated needed and yet it looks so lovely.

If, like me, you find the idea of blowing out your eggs a bit icky, you don’t have to. I simply hard boil the eggs before decorating and they last for a lot longer than they’ll be in use.  Besides, hard boiled eggs are far less fragile than eggs that have been blown out so they’re easier to decorate too.

Simple Easter egg decorating ideas

paint speckled Easter eggs DIY

1. paint speckled eggs

These DIY speckled Easter eggs are made with paint and wait for it… pasta. Yes, seriously! The best part of making these eggs is that each one will turn out differently, making them unique and interesting.  


nature easter eggs DIY

2. nature decorated eggs

Simple, pretty and stylish. And you need barely any materials and you of course don’t need a tutorial either. Simply get a few stems and some string and these Easter eggs will be ready in minutes and looks so pretty on your Easter table. 


simple easter egg decorating

3. DIY textured Easter eggs

These DIY Easter eggs have been given a beautiful textured look, but can you guess with how?  These  eggs have an almost moon like vibe to them, while still being very simple and minimal.  They will look lovely paired with some plain linen napkins on any spring table.  Find out the secret ingredient and how to make these DIY Easter eggs


DIY Easter egg candles

4. Easter egg candles

There is something so beautiful about natural eggs shells and this Easter egg idea celebrates just that.  I love how imperfect the shells look with their uneven edges which just adds to the charm of these eggs.  All you need is some tea lights and some eggshells to make this. There isn’t a tutorial for this but you can read more and get some tips here.


DIY Easter egg bunnies

5. minimalist Easter bunny eggs

For a fun twist on your eggs, make these minimalist Easter egg bunnies. They’re super chic and would look great as part of any Easter decoration you create or even displayed on their own. Or else pop them in egg cups and make them your table centrepieces. 


Easter egg vases DIY

6. Easter egg vases DIY

I’ve seen a few Easter egg vases but none as pretty as these. So simple and so striking. I love that they’ve chosen tall stems to go in the cracked eggs, making them very elegant looking. Much like all the other simple ideas here, these eggs would look great on your Easter table or any spring table.  There’s no tutorial because you don’t really need one. 


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