DIY candle holders for tall candles

DIY candle holders for tall candles

Nothing says cosy quite like a few candles flickering away in a room, especially in the colder months.  I don’t think I could survive winter — actually make that winter, spring and autumn — without candles.  I light them in every room from the kitchen to the entryway and of course in my outdoor space too.  I love scented candles that come in a jar but there is an elegance to tall, long candles that you can’t beat.  Tall candles of course need candle stands or candle sticks to hold them and so I’m sharing some stylish but easy DIY candle holders for long candles that you can make.

You can go out and buy candle holders but where’s the fun in that?  Besides, once you see how easy these DIY tcandle holders are to make yourself, you’ll probably never buy another again.  And just because they’re easy to make, doesn’t mean they are compromised on looks.  They’re both practical and stylish with a minimal vibe.

5 DIY candle holders for long candles

how to make candle holders
These metal candlestick holders are made purely from plumbing materials.  They cost a teeny-tiny amount to make and couldn’t be easier either.  If copper isn’t your thing, spray or paint in any colour you like.  I’m thinking an aged brass effect or even a faux marble look.  Here’s the tutorial for these candlesticks.


DIY speckled candle holder

This looks like a ceramic candle holder, but it’s not.  In fact the speckled effect is created with something we all have at home… can you guess?  This DIY candle holder would look great on a white dining table, where it would really pop and provide a lovely contrast. Find out more and also how to make this candle stand.


DIY candle stand ideas

Not every DIY needs to involve materials or tools.  Most of the time it’s the simplest ideas that are the best like this effortless yet beautiful way to create a stand for your candles.  This would be a lovely decoration on any dining table for any occasion.  And you could even use herbs instead of foliage or small stems with tiny flowers like baby’s breath.  Here are all the details for this candle holder.


DIY candle holders for long candles

Finally, we’ve got these simple and minimal DIY candle holders.  This is one of my DIY’s and I’ve used these candle holders so many times since I made them.  I also made another pair of the same but painted them in a creamy white.  Once made, you can of course paint them in any colour you like.  Here’s where you can find the steps to make these DIY modern candle holders.

Which one is your favourite?

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