Newly built homes are always a bit more of a challenge to make cozy and inviting, but this modern loft interior in a newly built Swedish building shows us that it can be done. The loft apartment has a modern interior with a beautiful grey kitchen, black accent pieces, and these gorgeous black metal window frames that let in an abundance of daylight.

A loft living room with an eye-catching black artwork on the wall

What makes this loft interior so unique?

Black accent pieces match the black metal window frames

Loft-style apartments typically have windows just like in this interior, which makes living in a loft so comfortable. To not let the black of the windows stand out too much, many black pieces were added to this Scandinavian interior, the impressive black artwork above the sofa being the true eye-catcher in this industrial loft apartment.

While the black furniture pieces and objects finish everything off, the rest of the furniture pieces have been picked in light and natural colors, enhancing the natural wood flooring. It’s this natural palette that forms the basis for the black accent interior design and keeps everything balanced.

A kitchen with dark grey cabinets and a marble countertop

The dark grey kitchen cabinets in combination with the grey marble kitchen countertop and the subtle chrome door handles fit this loft apartment perfectly. The kitchen shares a space with the living and dining room and by keeping the cabinets low in the living area, the layout of the kitchen looks very spacious. The owners picked a white exhaust cover that blends into the wall, making the kitchen design more bottom-heavy and thus lighter-looking.

The hallway flows over into the kitchen as well, and on this side, higher cupboards are used to optimize storage space. I imagine this would be a shared storage area for kitchen and hallway items. The natural stone countertop visually separates the dark grey kitchen cabinets from the white walls and adds a lovely natural texture to the look.

In this beautiful loft, a grey kitchen was built with upper cabinets, making use of the high ceilings in the space, but in a lower-ceiling apartment, it’s better to adhere to a bottom-heavy setup.

The grey wardrobe in the same material as the kitchen cabinets

While the general color palette of the bedroom is a lot lighter, the grey wardrobe cabinets add some contrast to this room. The door handles are from the same range as the ones in the kitchen as well, tying the design together.

The living space with the kitchen and the other rooms in this modern interior design has been designed with an eye for detail and in a modest Scandinavian style, that enhances the base features of this modern industrial building.

via Historiska Hem

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